Business Insight & Advanced Category Management Training

What do powerful business insights look like – Storytelling with data?

The PowerPoint slide is the canvas in which you communicate your story. It is the result of your analysis. The question is: did you find the full meaning of the data? Did you write a powerful and concise story? Did you use best-in-class data visualization tools that support and speed the understanding of the story?

Most presentations fail. They tell you what the numbers ARE not what they MEAN. They use too much data, too many slides and overwhelm the audience with a complex story that is difficult to quickly understand. Most restate the obvious.

Clear, concise, fact-based presentations resonate with your audience. They catalyze dialogue and lead to better and faster business decisions.

Watch the Video. Does this look familiar? Do you want to move into the elite 3% of fact-based storytellers?

Have you seen a presentation like this?


Two different selling story presentations…two different reactions from the audience.

Why Delta Training?

Pinpoint the critical insights in everyday data

Communicate powerful stories concisely and accurately

Use data to tell a story your customers care about

Gain confidence in moving from relationship selling to fact-based storytelling

Gain share of your customers’ resources by becoming valued business consultants

Speak a consistent language across your team

Make faster and smarter business decisions


Since 1995, Delta has worked with over 500 retailers, suppliers, brokers, distributors, and data companies in more than 50 countries. Thousands of participants – from first-year associates to 20+ year veterans with advanced degrees. Representatives from most functional departments have attended our courses: buyers/merchandisers, category leadership, category development, sales/business analysts, sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, human resources.

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