Advanced Category Management Analytical Modules


We have de-coupled our Business Insights Advanced Category Management Analytical training (formerly known as Silver or “Nerd Camp” by our alumni) into individual courses. Some analysts specialize in a particular area, such as promotional analysis and do not need analytical expertise on planograms. Therefore, each course focuses on a unique subject.


These courses will develop your advanced category management analytical skills and business acumen to solve complex and data-rich problems. Business Insights: Black Belt level 1 certification and Pivot Table knowledge are recommended prerequisites.

There are 5 core courses:

Advanced Category Management Analytical tools look at promotional effectiveness, price optimization, product mix rationalization and planogram performance.
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Analytical Tools – Learn the fundamental tools of advanced category management analytics that allow you to dissect complex data and discover root causes:

  • Line charting (signal to noise)
  • Scatterplot/correlation
  • Linear regression
  • Systematic 1-D attribute analysis
  • Systematic 2-D attribute analysis
  • Heatmap
  • Magic Sheet™
  • Long-tail
  • Icicle Chart™
  • Weighted index/rank
  • Data binning
  • Bubble/quadrant charting
Advanced category management analysts use Power BI to drive their storytelling with data

Applications – Apply tools in data-rich real-world case studies to answer challenging Category Management Business Management Questions™ (BMQs®) about:

  • Promotional lift
  • Promotional ROI
  • Promotional attribute effectiveness
  • Assortment optimization/SKU rationalization
  • Space optimization
  • Planogram versioning
  • Clustering of stores/items by volume, price etc.
  • Price elasticity
  • Price gap analysis
  • Price ladders
  • Predictive modeling
  • Time-series analyses
  • Seasonal analyses
  • Dashboarding
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Advanced Category Management Training:

Short Course Descriptions

  • The Advanced Data Visualization course is a 2-day program that dives deep into time-series analytics, bubble/quadrant charts, heatmaps, Mekko & waterfall charts. Did you know that 90% of waterfall charts are not designed properly?
  • The Product Mix course is a 2-day program that explores different analytical techniques to fully understand the product mix productivity. Some of the analytical tools used in this program will be a systematic 1-dimension & 2-dimensional attribute analysis, long-tail contribution, Magic Sheet™, weighted index/rank incorporating Category management factors such as weighting based on profit generation or traffic building attributes.
  • The Promotion Analytics course is a 2-day program that will thoroughly cover all aspects of promotional analytics. You will learn how to understand base volume and incremental volume, especially when the business is seasonal. You will learn some of the pitfalls of syndicated data’s base and incremental volume calculations and conduct ROI analytics incorporating the “hang-over” impact.
  • The Placement course is a 1-day program that will focus on creating clusters and versioning of planograms. This program will not address planogram design software.
  • The Price Analytics course is a 1-day program that will review price elasticity modeling and developing effective price ladders.