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"Everyone thinks we’re doing Category Management, but after learning Delta’s approach, I realize we are not even close."

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Advanced Negotiating Skills

Everything is negotiable — if you have the right skills.

You and your customer are ready to make a deal — but a roadblock suddenly appears. Perhaps your customer asks for a price break or a change in terms, and now the deal is in danger of falling through. This is when your negotiating skills play a critical role. Do you have what it takes? Do you ever feel backed into a corner during negotations? Do you typically give in, or can you devise a creative solution that is mutually acceptable to both parties? Do you slip into a pattern of self-destructive behavior, including costly concessions, or are you experienced enough to suggest an alternative that results in a win/win outcome?

Keep in mind that negotiating successfully doesn’t necessarily mean gaining the upper hand. It means working collaboratively with your customer to explore alternatives and create a mutually beneficial solution. Both of you should be satisfied with the outcome and look forward to doing business in the future. It’s not always an easy task, and that’s why hundreds of CPG/FMCG sales professionals from dozens of Fortune 500 companies have turned to Delta Associates to develop or simply sharpen their negotiating skills.

This workshop was developed by retailers and suppliers and is taught by a former category manager/buyer who will provide perspective from the “other side” of the desk. At the conclusion of this two-day workshop, you will understand how to:

  • Prevent emotion from clouding your judgment.
  • Leverage your negotiation skills to close more profitable business.
  • Use a step-by-step method for reaching win/win conclusions.
  • Recognize the top 10 tactics used by buyers to put you on the defensive and how to effectively handle them.
  • Conduct a self-assessment of your negotiating style and understand how it impacts your negotiations.
  • Apply important communication techniques—probe, listen, and summarize.
  • Adapt communication techniques to meet specific situations.
  • Plan strategies in preparation for potential negotiation obstacles.
  • Avoid concessions that negatively affect future negotiations.

Key learning components.

Behavioral Analysis

Study the impact of behavior from both sides of the table to discover how collaboration produces optimal results.

Negotiating Profile

Assess your personal negotiating style and discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Timely Transitions

Most salespeople negotiate too soon. Learn how to ascertain customer needs and objections before negotiations begin. Learn how to overcome objections while selling your proposal and understand when to transition to negotiation.

Communication Techniques

Learn how to identify competitive, avoidant, and accommodative negotiating styles, and how to alter your communication techniques accordingly for greater success.

Power, Value, and Risk

Understand the correlation between these decision-making factors. Learn who has power — when and why — and how to shift the balance of power in your favor.

Five-Step Planning Process

Learn the importance of advance planning — the number-one success factor in negotiations. Understand how to craft your proposals to match your customer’s motives, goals, and negotiating style. Apply theory to real life by preparing for your next customer meeting, identifying any deficiencies that might make you vulnerable while negotiating.


Combine T.H.I.N.C.™ — Delta’s proven proprietary negotiating process — with your own sales process to achieve win/win results. T.H.I.N.C.™ helps you take stock of customer issues and differences, identify “must haves” and potential tradeoffs, negotiate alternatives, and close the deal.

Role Playing

Use case studies from familiar product categories to role-play and reinforce the skills and techniques you’ve learned, with feedback from instructors and fellow students. Practice strategies utilizing the four “Ps” of marketing — product assortment, price, promotion, and placement.

Who should attend?

Any CPG/FMCG salesperson — entry-level or veteran — can benefit from this valuable course. Currently, we offer the class in a private setting for a group of nine to 18 people. This on-site option allows you to customize course content according to your needs, minimize valuable time away from the office, and save money.