Business Insights: Black Belt Level 2 Certification


Advanced Business Analytics for FMCG/CPG Professionals

(formerly known as Silver)


Black Belt level 2 develops the advanced analytical skills and business acumen required to solve complex and data-rich problems. Black Belt level 1 certification and extensive PivotTable knowledge are prerequisites.

There are 4 core courses:

Advanced analytics - Course Modules
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Analytical Tools – Learn the fundamental tools of advanced analytics that allow you to dissect complex data and discover root causes:

  • Line charting (signal to noise)
  • Scatterplot/correlation
  • Linear regression
  • Systematic 1-D attribute analysis
  • Systematic 2-D attribute analysis
  • Heatmap
  • Magic Sheet™
  • Long-tail
  • Icicle Chart™
  • Weighted index/rank
  • Data binning
  • Bubble/quadrant charting
Business analytical tools

Applications – Apply tools in data-rich real-world case studies to answer challenging Business Management Questions™ (BMQs®) about:

  • Promotional lift
  • Promotional ROI
  • Promotional attribute effectiveness
  • Assortment optimization/SKU rationalization
  • Space optimization
  • Planogram versioning
  • Clustering of stores/items by volume, price etc.
  • Price elasticity
  • Price gap analysis
  • Price ladders
  • Predictive modeling
  • Time-series analyses
  • Seasonal analyses
  • Dashboarding
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Learning Path Sequence and Timing

Business Insights 2 - Learning Path

Share of Focus by Workshop

Black Belt 2 tools to application