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"The training program put on by Delta Associates was by far the best program I have been to. The most informative part was how to analyze the data and make the discoveries in order to develop solid strategic plans."

Category Manager, Kroger

Business Insights 1 - (Updated information coming soon - Business Insights 3.0)

A lesson on the importance of business math skills.

Quick: If a retailer’s cost for an item is $1.19 and he wants to make a 37.5% gross margin, what should his retail price be? You might feel confident that you could calculate the answer — eventually. But how would you feel if your customer or boss was sitting across the table, waiting for you to work it out? Would you be nervous? Concerned that your math skills are a little rusty? If you took a quiz on business math, do you think you could pass?

You might be tempted to dismiss these questions — or to think math isn’t that important in the big scheme of things — but that would be a mistake. Intelligent business conversations require numbers, and that requires a solid grasp of core business math.

Fortunately, if you’re like most professionals in sales, marketing, finance, or business analysis, all you need is a refresher course — a chance to brush up on the basics. Delta Associates’ one-day Business Insight Tools - Math will hone your math abilities and help you succeed in the CPG/FMCG industry.

Test your knowledge. Take the quiz.

Follow the link below and you’ll have the chance to take a brief — but challenging — 10-question quiz on basic business math skills. Surprisingly, the average score for thousands of test takers answering these and similar questions is only 48%. Can you do better? Take the quiz

Key learning components.

In Delta’s one-day Business Insight Tools - Math workshop you will:

  • Discover how to use math to communicate your business story effectively. Numbers add credibility to your message, and this course will teach you formulas that enable better business decisions.
  • Learn how to perform critical business-management calculations, including share, share change, value of a share point, margin, markup, and markdown.
  • Master component-analysis and time-comparison concepts that will expand your analytical powers. This course will ingrain skills for comparing items such as difference, percent difference, and ratios. You will learn Delta's Six-Pack® analytical method, which will help you develop your fact base and craft powerful selling stories. You will master the calculations of percent change and the determination of current period and previous period based on different rates of change.
  • Learn how to convert a BMQ® into a mathematical calculation.
  • Expand your comfort level with formulas via numerous real-life CPG/FMCG examples. The workshop will walk through each formula and derivative of the formula so that you will understand the components. A formula “tip” sheet will be provided as a reference guide.
  • Gain confidence in calculating and understanding the interrelationships of basic financial metrics.
  • Take advantage of opportunities throughout the day to self-test on key business math skills with bonus real-world exercises.
Ongoing learning opportunities.

An optional follow-up program to the classroom training session is our Business Insight Tools - Math Weekly Workout — a series of exercises emailed to you for additional practice, along with a complete solution guide. Each 15-minute workout includes a short series of business math questions that will keep your skills sharp. You’ll practice at your own pace — once a week for six weeks.

Who should attend?

If you use numbers during business conversations or analyze data — and who doesn’t these days? — you can benefit from this workshop. Likewise, if you plan to attend any of our other workshops, such as Business Insights 1, this course will give you a solid foundation on which to build.

You can register for one of our public workshops online; or we can deliver this program in a private setting for a group of eight to 24 people. This private option allows you to customize course content according to your needs, minimize valuable time away from the office, and save money.