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Data are abundant these days. Unfortunately, very few retail professionals have the ability to mine for "golden nuggets" of information and polish them into brilliantly communicated business insights. After all, a presentation shouldn’t tell you what the numbers are, but should instead communicate what the numbers actually mean. This book shows you how to do exactly that, with powerful lessons and helpful tips for finding and effectively communicating critical insights. Whether you are a rookie salesperson, a category manager, a general manager, or a VP of Marketing or Merchandising with decades of experience, you can benefit from this clear, practical, easy-to-understand book, extracted from Delta's highly regarded training programs.

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The book is offered only in a hardbound format. We are not printing or releasing a softcover or electronic version of the book. If you would like to order 26 copies or more, please email for bulk pricing discounts (book@delta-assoc.com).