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"This was the best Category Management training session that I have attended. The level of understanding of the theory and the practical use of the theory was great!   This should be a requirement of all analysts and brand managers.

Brian Meyer, 3M Company

Business Analytics 1, 2, 3, 4

Increase your team's analytical firepower. Your customers will thank you.

Imagine this scenario: You have an important customer meeting. Business as usual — except today, something is different. Your team will be making a presentation, but instead of showing slides that simply regurgitate a bunch of numbers, you will be telling your client exactly what those numbers mean — and how, together, you can act on them. You will be delivering compelling business insights, complete with exciting new opportunities that will set you apart from other suppliers.

In today’s CPG environment, this is exactly what customers want. Can your team keep up? Do they have the analytical skills needed to gain a competitive advantage? Perhaps you already have a few team members with the ability to extract meaningful insights from a mountain of business data. But they can’t always meet the demand that is placed on them, and their limited availability can become a bottleneck to productivity. Imagine what you could accomplish if everyone on your team had the skills needed to handle 90% of the business analysis challenges you face.

Delta Associates can get you there, with a comprehensive eight-day training program that combines theoretical knowledge with the practical technical skills needed to conduct top-notch analyses across a business. Each learning segment consists of theory, real-world examples, discussion, and practical hands-on exercises. Each member of your team will emerge with the ability to hit the ground running within your own business environment.

Key learning components.

Please note that intermediate to advanced Excel PivotTable skills are a prerequisite for this three-module course.

Business Analytics 2 (two days)

Data Analysis Concepts
  • Learn to combine myriad data formats from disparate sources into a single file for analysis.
  • Use advanced Excel formulas to expedite your data management.
  • Learn how to read patterns in data.
  • Separate signal from noise by learning how to handle variability in business metrics.
  • Detect trends and cycles in data using linear regression and moving averages.
  • Discover the power of heatmaps to analyze large data sets for patterns.
  • Understand the key metrics associated with shopper and consumer behavior and extract actionable insights from the data.
Product Mix
  • Understand the paradox created by too many choices and understand when rationalization makes sense.
  • Learn techniques for analyzing performance by product attribute.
  • Learn the “long tail” analysis of SKU ranking.
  • Learn the “magic sheet” technique for analyzing SKUs based on multiple metrics, as well as power ranking techniques for weighting multiple metrics.
  • Walk away with Excel templates for conducting each assortment analysis on your own business.

Business Analytics 3 (two days)

  • Learn how to create store velocity groups and use store velocity to determine sell-in quantities and version planograms.
  • Walk away with Excel templates for conducting each placement analysis on your own business.
Bubble Charts
  • Learn how to interpret and use different types of quadrant and bubble charts to analyze category performance.
  • Understand why these charts are powerful scorecarding tools to measure the impact of specific tactics.
Mental Math and Estimation
  • Understand the merits of mental math done “on the fly” during a business conversation.
  • Learn easy techniques for doing business math quickly in your head.
  • Understand the power of estimation in making logical business arguments that lead to action.
  • Unleash the simple yet compelling technique of “arguments of scale.”
  • Learn why retailers and suppliers emphasize the wrong elements of pricing tactics.
  • Create price ladder analysis tools that can be used on your own business.
  • Understand price elasticity and learn techniques for probing elasticity based on historical data.
  • Drill into the fundamentals of promotional lift calculations in multiple case study exercises.
  • Learn how to conduct promotional postmortem analyses and aggregate results to determine overall promotional tactic effectiveness.
  • Learn the limits of syndicated data classifications of “base vs. incremental” and “on-promo vs. off-promo.”
  • Business Analytics 4 (two days)

    In this two-day working/coaching lab, each participant will receive case study documents outlining pertinent information, such as the business objective, situation, and buyer-critical issues. In addition, Excel files with all relevant raw data will be distributed. The participant will use the tools acquired in the previous two Business Analytics modules to develop comprehensive analyses, including shopper insights and segmentation opportunities; a SKU rationalization study and product range recommendations; and planogram, post-promotional, and price analyses. Each participant will then present his or her recommendations to the class. Instructors will coach individuals through areas of concern, provide insight on more effective ways of developing analyses, and reinforce tools and techniques taught in the previous modules.

    Who should attend?

    This workshop series is designed for those seeking a best-in-class level of fundamental CPG business analysis. Much of the program time is devoted to hands-on, data-intensive case studies requiring extensive use of PivotTables and other Excel functionality. A robust business acumen helps to guide and ground participants but is not a prerequisite. The program is critical for business/category analysts and those who work in trade marketing. National account managers who oversee critical accounts or team leaders responsible for a cross-functional team’s success have also benefited tremendously.

    Delta Associates can deliver this program in a private setting for a group of eight to 24 participants. If you wish to incorporate Delta’s Silver Certification into this program, Bronze Certification is a prerequisite for all participants.