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"This was the best Category Management training session that I have attended. The level of understanding of the theory and the practical use of the theory was great!   This should be a requirement of all analysts and brand managers.

Brian Meyer, 3M Company

Business Analytics 1 (Currently being re-written)

Math + Excel = more powerful team members.

We’ve all been there. You present a business opportunity to a customer, and she asks for a change you didn’t anticipate. She then wonders how this change will impact her GMROII. What happens next? Can you answer with confidence and engage in an intelligent conversation? Or do you have to stall and say you’ll get back to her? Do you thoroughly understand the important metrics commonly used in category management? Our Business Analytics Tools workshop can quickly bring you up to speed by strengthening your math and Excel skills, and ultimately helping you discover business opportunities that may have previously passed you by.

Test your knowledge. Take the quiz.

Follow the link below to take a brief six-question quiz on category management math. Don’t be discouraged if you find the quiz challenging; most participants do. Take the Quiz

Exploit the full potential of Excel.


Perhaps the most powerful tool within Excel, PivotTable empowers you to analyze huge data sets with ease. For example, in minutes you can take thousands of records and create a summary that will compare sales by region, measure profitability versus price over time, identify your top 10 products for a specific account, or calculate sell-through by quarter from weekly data. During this module, you will:

  • Master Design Layout to create professional-looking reports.
  • Identify Top and Bottom performers through multi-tier Sorting.
  • Use Grouping to display data any way you choose.
  • Create Calculated Fields for average price, gross margin, or in-stock at a grouping level.
  • Make visually appealing, easy-to-read reports with AutoFormatting.
  • Develop interactive charts for analysis through PivotCharting.
  • Learn how to use Delta's Bread Crumb Trail®technique to keep track of all your analytics.


Here you will reinforce previously learned skills through practice. Attendees bring current projects or reports and use their new skills to make their work processes more efficient. Instructors consult with attendees, ensuring each individual walks away with techniques and tips to improve accuracy and save time. During this module, you will:

  • Reinforce all previously learned skills.
  • Practice using your own projects, reports, or data sets.
  • Improve Excel accuracy and efficiency.
  • Receive one-on-one training with instructors.
  • Ongoing learning opportunities

    An optional follow-up program to the classroom training session is our Business Analytics Tools Weekly Workout — a series of exercises emailed to you for additional practice. Each 15-minute workout includes a short series of business math questions designed to keep your skills sharp. You’ll practice at your own pace — once a week for six weeks.

    Who should attend?

    If your job responsibilities include discussing or analyzing the financial performance of a retail business, you can benefit from this workshop. Past participants include sales and marketing personnel, business analysts, and those who require fluency in the mathematical components of category management. Likewise, if you plan to attend our Category Management School, this course will give you a solid foundation on which to build.

    You can register for one of our public workshops online; or we can deliver this program in a private setting for a group of eight to 24 people. This private option allows you to customize course content according to your needs, minimize valuable time away from the office, and save money.