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"Course far exceeded my expectations!! Absolutely worth the time! I gained valuable skills that I can put to use right away. The time flew by as my attention was kept the entire time, the class could have kept going longer and I would have enjoyed it. I was challenged at all times and excited to learn all I did. Excellent value! My knowledge gained surpassed any costs..fantastic ROI!"

Brett Scott, SC Johnson

It’s a whole new ballgame. Is your team ready to play?

Your customers' needs have changed. The old features/advantages/benefits sales model doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, customers want suppliers to deliver solutions in the form of actionable business insights. They want your team to dig deep into mountains of data, extract the “golden nuggets” of information, and turn these nuggets into promising new opportunities.

The question is: Do your team members have the skills to thrive in this new environment? If you think they do, you might be surprised. Delta Associates has tested over 4,000 CPG professionals and found that more than 97% didn’t have the ability to recognize and communicate business insights. Most participants weren’t even close to a passing grade.

The good news is, Delta's Business Insight Certification curriculum is proven to change your team’s behavior so that each person consistently produces valuable business insights — on a long-term basis. The key is to teach the new skills, then reinforce them until they become ingrained behaviors.

Simply put, there is no better way to ensure that your team consistently performs to a level that meets customer expectations. With Business Insight Certification from Delta, you will know that your team has demonstrated that it has the skills needed to compete in today’s market.

The certification levels — Bronze, Silver, and Gold — are designed to correspond with the behaviors and competencies senior management expects.

Bronze 3.0 Certification (Three-hour exam) — Evaluates the individual’s ability to find top-line business insights and effectively communicate them.

Silver Certification (Four-hour exam) — Evaluates the individual’s ability to conduct robust data analysis, discover the critical business insight and synthesize into actionable strategies and tactics.

Gold Certification (Six-hour exam) — Evaluates the individual’s ability to utilize advanced analytical techniques and statistical tools to develop comprehensive analysis and presentation of insights.

NOTE: Delta Associates has no plans to submit our training materials to any third-party association that acts as a broker by referring CPG companies to training organizations in exchange for a “certification” fee. We do not believe that type of arrangement is proper; any such referral carries with it a fiduciary responsibility to identify the highest-quality training organizations available, not just those who are willing to compensate the association for their approval of training materials. Moreover, this type of “certification” does not necessarily guarantee competency on behalf of the certified party because certified training materials do not certify the individual. Conversely, simply participating in one of Delta’s training programs does not qualify an individual for certification; the individual must successfully demonstrate a passing level of proficiency. In fact, it is possible to acquire the necessary skills for certification without ever attending a training program. Not all certification programs produce the same results. Ask us what makes Delta your best option.