Business Insights Book


You will receive a copy of this book as part of your Business Insight Green Belt or Black Belt Level 1 purchase/registration.

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Table of Contents

1 Unleashing the Power of Business Insights

Earn a Place in the Inner Circle
Would You Be in Tom’s Top 3%?
Typical Analyses vs. the Top 3%
Good Slides Start with Good Thinking
Six Attributes of Effective Slides

2 What’s Important to Your Customer? Objectives . . . and More

Where Do Your Objectives Come From?
Your Internal Customer’s Objectives
Your External Customer’s Objectives
Clarifying Objectives with CPS: Clarify, Probe, Summarize
The Importance of Trust
When Data Drives the Objectives
Meeting Objectives with Insights

3 Business Management Questions™ Reflect Critical Thinking

The Power of Business Management Questions™
Four-Step BMQ® Process
Price-Related BMQs®
Promotion-Related BMQs®
Product Mix-Related BMQs®
Placement-Related BMQs®
Chapter Appendix

4 The Importance of Numeracy

Squeezing More Out of Your Numbers
Beware of Simpson’s Paradox
Emphasize or De-Emphasize Your Story with the Delta Six-Pack®
Points vs. Percent Difference
Who Needs Math?
Where Do You Get These Numbers in the First Place?
Chapter Appendix

5 Reading the Tea Leaves: The Art and Science of Sifting through Data

Retail Analytics Triage
In the Triage Operating Room
Leaving a Bread Crumb Trail®
Expanding the Data Set and Bringing in the BMQs®

6 Measure What Matters
Confirmation Bias
Using Incomplete Data
Misinterpreting Data—Point-to-Point Comparison
Misinterpreting Data—Focusing on the Noise and Not the Signal

7 Eight Rules of Writing Business Insights
Rule #1: Quantify the Business Insight
Rule #2: Dimensionalize the Data
Rule #3: Communicate Both Position & Direction®
Rule #4: Be Concise
Rule #5: Guide Your Audience to the Point
Rule #6: Use the Language of Your Audience
Rule #7: Raise BMQs®
Rule #8: Give It “Legs”

8 Depicting Business Insights
The Rules of Charts
Pie Charts
Line Charts
Column Charts and Bar Charts
Liar’s Charts
3D Charts
Using the Wrong Data in Your Chart
Charting Position & Direction®
Putting Position on the Left and Direction on the Right
Transition to Best-in-Class Charts

9 The Delta-ized Slide
Getting It All Right While Getting It All Wrong
Keep It Clean, Clear, and Relevant
Chart Mechanics
Slide Structure

10 What’s Next?
Appendix: The Peso Is Falling! The Peso Is Falling!
Math Formulas

Praise for Business Insights