What is Business Insights: Overview + Application (Green Belt) training?

Learn to turn your data into powerful fact-based selling stories – storytelling with facts. This program consists of 2 core programs that develop your skills to analyze data, find the key insights and communicate them clearly and concisely to facilitate faster and better business decisions.


Business Insights 1: Foundations (BI 1) –

Covers the mechanics of business insights – retail math and Excel – to increase speed and proficiency, so more time can be allocated to analyzing data. Three self-paced online courses constitute the Foundations program.

  • Retail Math (recommended)
  • Excel Formulas & Functions (recommended)
  • Excel Charts (required)
  • Excel PivotTables are not part of the learning path but is part of the bundle of Excel courses you receive. PivotTable is an instrumental tool for effective and efficient data analysis.

Time commitment:

  • Required self-paced online courses: 2 hours
  • Required self-paced online practice exercises: 2 hours
  • Optional self-paced courses: 11 hours
  • Optional self-paced practice exercises: 38 hours

Business Insights: Overview + Application:  

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of how to analyze data, extrapolate the most relevant insights and apply best-in-class data visualization techniques to communicate the key insights to internal or external customers. Hands-on custom case studies will reinforce the concepts taught.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the basic concepts of business insights, storytelling, and the criteria to evaluate the strength and quality of an insight.
  • Demonstrate some mechanical skills for analyzing the data, finding the critical insights, writing a powerful and concise story, and using the proper data visualization tool.
  • Show how charts and tables tell different stories.
  • Explain why certain charts should be avoided.
  • Learn about the components and sequence of a story for maximum impact.
  • Utilize custom case studies to reinforce the learning content.


  • You will receive an email with an excel file for you to complete a 40-minute exercise.
  • Self-paced online Excel Charts – Clustered Column Chart, Clustered Bar Chart, Jazz-Hand Charts®,  Line Charts (trend, seasonality, secondary axis) and Overlay/Bullet Chart.

Time commitment:

  • In-person or live virtual classroom: 2-day

We can deliver this workshop for groups of 8 to 16 participants. For cost of the program please email training@delta-assoc.com or contact your account manager.

Who would benefit?


Individuals who need an understanding of what constitutes good business insights with some basic application skills. They do not need to demonstrate a mastery of understanding by passing an exam.

What else comes with Business Insights: Overview + Application (Green Belt) training?

Business Insight Resource Center


As part of your “Green Belt” training, you will have access to these additional resources.

Downloadable resources – As part of your curriculum, you will be able to download our math formula cards and business insight process cards and you will receive a laminated copy.

Business Insights Book – You will receive a copy of our book: Business Insights: How to Find and Effectively Communicate the Golden Nuggets in Retail Data as part of your curriculum material.

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