Business Analytics & Insights

Maximizing your existing resources.

The ability to compete effectively with business insights is greater than the sum of its parts. Every individual in your organization must exhibit the expected competencies to achieve best-in-class status. To that end, some organizations consider recruiting new talent. But just as it is less expensive to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one, the same adage holds true for your associates. Oftentimes, it is more expensive to acquire new talent, and you never know what you are truly getting until the new hires come aboard.

Instead, why not provide your associates with the training they need to reach their full potential? Delta Associates' five-step program — Assess, Train, Practice, Coach, and Certify — will help your organization capitalize on existing internal resources with programs designed to develop your team’s core competencies.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, and it takes an “outside” expert to point out gaps and inefficiencies. Delta will work with your team or one-on-one with key individuals using live projects to teach them how to perform effective business analysis. This coaching will ensure utilization of best-in-class methods throughout their work processes.

Previous analytical projects include:

  • Brand competitive analysis — Determining true competitive brands and effectiveness of price and promotion actions.
  • Store clustering — Versioning of POGs and off-shelf placement by store velocity and regional consumer preferences.
  • Sales tactic effectiveness — Designing experiments to quantify the impact of sales tactics, strategy for field deployment of measurement campaigns, and statistical analysis of simple and complex experiments designed to:
    • Quantify impact of sampling.
    • Increase sales call productivity.
    • Measure return-on-investment for sales contests and spiffs.
    • Determine lift generated by sales flyers and catalog features.
    • Optimize allocation of field sales personnel in territories.
  • Advertising — Developing strategies for advertising measurement campaigns and advertising return-on-investment calculations.
  • Warehouse picking efficiencies — Determining optimal supply chain parameters, including piece pick vs. case pick allocation modeling.
  • Transactional studies — Optimizing pack size and merchandising quantities based on consumer purchase patterns.

"Everyone thinks we’re doing Category Management, but after learning Delta’s approach, I realize we are not even close."

Name withheld,