Category Management

Using category management to gain a competitive advantage.

Ask 10 retailers or manufacturers to define “category management” and you’re likely to receive 10 slightly different answers. What’s more, actually implementing this powerful management philosophy can present unique challenges and, in some cases, shortcomings. For example, analyzing vast reams of data to reach conclusive business decisions plays a critical role in category management — but many organizations struggle to make this objective a reality. As a result, they miss out on valuable opportunities to improve their competitive position in the marketplace.

Fortunately, Delta Associates has a long history of helping retailers and suppliers understand every aspect of category management and apply its principles across the organization. Our proven business diagnostic process allows our clients to capitalize on their investment in data and technology, providing a clearer picture of the business environment. That, in turn, leads to improved decision-making and better financial results.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Category management implementation — Working with clients to create or modify organizational structures, processes, roles/reward systems, and personnel skill sets to better align with company objectives.
  • Merchandising procedures — Redesigning buying/merchandising processes and writing merchandising operations procedure manuals for buyers.
  • Category management plan facilitation — Leading joint retailer/supplier teams through the development of strategic category-management plans.
  • Category management and/or business insight certification program development — Creating a multilevel certification program tailored to your organization’s specific needs, complete with individual skill assessments, development plans, and certification exams.

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