Exam Options

Exam Options
You may take the exam in the comfort of your office or home and at a convenient time for you as long as your computer has the technical specifications to allow remote proctoring. See exam instructions below for remote online exam requirements.

There is an additional $80 charge* that is paid directly to the exam proctoring company when you register and schedule your exam. We will send you the weblink after you complete the required courses.

* Some clients may purchase exam vouchers directly from the third party exam facilitation company and they will distribute those to you in advance of the exam.

Your company may have contracted for an onsite exam. Your company or the registration confirmation will communicate if your exam is remote or at your company’s offices.

If you are attending one of our clients’ programs as a guest, and they have contracted for an onsite exam, you may join their exam session or schedule a remote online exam.

Another option is to take your exam at our offices in Georgia.
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Remote Online Exam Instructions

Before you schedule an exam session:

  1. Review the “ProctorU System Requirements” below.
  2. Determine where to take the exam:
    1. For the best proctoring experience, ProctorU (a third-party remote exam proctoring company) recommends examinees do not use corporate network connections to take their exam. Corporate networks often have strict security settings that are not compatible with the tools used to proctor the exam. ProctorU’s “Test It Out” page can help identify potential network connectivity issues. However, because of the wide range of security options available to corporate network administrators, examinees may still experience connectivity issues when using a corporate network. This might also mean not using a VPN.
    2. If examinees must take the exam from a corporate location, they should use a “guest” network, rather than the normal corporate connection. If a “guest” network is not available, examinees should consider using a different network, such as their home network, a hotspot, etc.
  3. If you must test from a work location: Schedule a meeting room for 4 hours. The meeting room should have four walls. Cubes and open spaces are not allowed as a testing environment. You are the only person allowed in the room.
  4. You may use a laptop or desktop computer. But multiple screens are NOT allowed.
  5. Ensure the computer has a webcam and an internal or external microphone and that they work. If using a desktop computer, the webcam will need to be able to move so you can show images of your meeting room.
  6. Ensure you have access to stable high-speed internet. If you can stream an online video (e.g. Netflix or YouTube), your connection should work. The recommended minimum internet download speed is 1.5 Mbps. The recommended minimum internet upload speed is 1 Mbps. Most important is the stability of your connection.


Schedule the exam:

  1. You will receive an eMail from noreply@proctoru.com inviting you to schedule your exam. Click on the invitation link to set up a ProctorU ID using your work email. Schedule and pay ($80) for your exam within your designated exam window.
  2. You must schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance.
  3. If you must cancel, you should do so 24 hours in advance or there will be a cancellation fee by ProctorU. You will pay this fee directly to ProctorU for the “lost exam facilitation” slot.
  4. If you delete the invitation eMail or cancel your session, you may contact exam@delta-assoc.com to request a new invitation.
  5. Watch the ProctorU Pre Exam Checklist video so you are fully prepared for your exam session.

Very Important! At least 3 days before the exam, prepare your computer:

  1. Ensure you are using the current version of your browser and download the ProctorU extension available for your browser. Only Chrome and Firefox are supported web browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported web browsers):
    1. Chrome: bit.ly/proctoruchrome
    2. Firefox: www.proctoru.com/firefox.
    3. ProctorU does not have an extension for Safari. So IOS users will need to test from Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Test your equipment at test-it-out.proctoru.com. Please note: The automated equipment check does not guarantee your equipment’s functionality on exam day.
  3. Ensure your webcam and microphone work.
  4. Reminder: You are not able to use multiple screens.


5 minutes before exam:

  1. The only material allowed on your desk are: Delta math formula card, external keyboard/mouse, calculator, food/drink (optional). There should be no extra writing anywhere on the formula sheet.
  2. Close all software and files (including instant messaging, eMail, etc.). The only programs allowed open are the ProctorU site, Excel and PowerPoint. No files may be open.
  3. Use Chrome or Firefox and log into your go.proctoru.com account. Click on the exam Start button when it is enabled.
  4. The startup process with the exam proctor will take 10-15 minutes. This time will not affect your exam time. During this process, direct any questions to the examinee support team via the live chat within your ProctorU account. You will be required to accept various authorizations from ProctorU as they need to obtain full visibility of your computer system.
  5. Prior to starting the exam, the proctor will ask you to use your computer’s webcam to scan the room to ensure you are alone and that the only material on the workspace are the following optional items: math formula card, external keyboard/mouse, calculator, or food/drink. No secondary monitors may be connected to your computer during the exam.
  6. Via chat, the proctor will send you a link to download the exam Excel and PowerPoint files. They will also chat you the password. Do not remove the password from the Excel or PowerPoint files. Do not save the password. If we discover the password has been removed or changed, the exam will be disqualified. Please remember that maintaining the integrity of the exam is what promotes its credibility and your accomplishment.
  7. You will save the downloaded Excel and PowerPoint files to your computer in the “Downloads” folder.
  8. You will remove any smart watches, phones and other electronic devices and place them away from your visibility during the exam.
  9. No scratch paper is allowed.

Take the exam:

  1. During the exam, a proctor will continually view your screen and your face/hands. They will listen to the environment, and the system will track all keystrokes. Any incidents will be noted and sent to Delta to review. Any major infraction (removing password, using previous work, etc.) is an automatic failure.
  2. The proctor is unable to answer any questions related to the content of the exam.
  3. The exam consists of three parts. You may do the three parts in any order and may return to any part at any time during the exam. Do not create any new files or use previous work or chart templates.
    1. Part 1: We recommend no more than 20 minutes on the math portion. Your final answer must be in the corresponding yellow box in Excel.
    2. Part 2: We recommend no more than 40 minutes on the writing portion. There are four poorly written business insights that you need to rewrite with your answers in the corresponding yellow boxes in Excel.
    3. Part 3: The Excel file contains four additional worksheets. Read carefully the setup at the top of each Excel worksheet. In the exam PowerPoint file, create a new slide for each of the worksheets (you will have a total of 4 slides in the PowerPoint file). Save your work in both PowerPoint and Excel as we will review the Excel file if we have questions on your final slides.
  4. NO Excel chart templates may be created or used during the exam. NO homework may be used for the exam. NO corporate PowerPoint templates may be used. Any infraction will result in exam failure.
  5. You have 3 hours from your start time to complete the exam. Use the clock on your computer to track your pace.
  6. Remember to save your work often!

Complete the exam:

  1. When your 3 hours have finished, the proctor will ask you to stop (if you are done earlier, let the proctor know you are done). You will save the two exam files (one Excel file and one PowerPoint file) and close them.
  2. The proctor will watch you eMail the two exam files (one Excel file and one PowerPoint file) to exam@delta-assoc.com.
  3. You will delete the exam files from your computer and empty them from your trash.
  4. You will also delete the sent mail containing the completed exam files and empty it from your trash.
  5. Your exam will then be scored. You need 70% to pass. We typically complete scoring within two weeks of the end of the exam session window. You will be called using the number you provide on your exam.