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"This was the best Category Management training session that I have attended. The level of understanding of the theory and the practical use of the theory was great!   This should be a requirement of all analysts and brand managers.

Brian Meyer, 3M Company

Executive Business Insight Overview

Do you speak the language of business insights as well as your team?

Delta Associates’ Business Insight Certification teaches your team members powerful, best-in-class methods to identify and communicate critical business insights. The curriculum replaces old, ineffective paradigms with new knowledge and skills. But what about your team leaders? Will they have a similar understanding of these new ideas, or will they continue to insist on yesterday’s practices?

Delta’s Executive Business Insight Overview creates alignment between senior leaders and the rest of the team, thereby maximizing ROI. Afterward, team leaders will understand the new communication behaviors team members will soon exhibit — and the reasons for those changes.

This seminar also helps team leaders identify who should seek certification and what they can expect from those team members afterward. Leaders will understand the level of complexity and involvement required by the certification process, and they will receive high-level coaching tips that will benefit all participants.

Participants in this two-and-a-half-hour seminar should be one or more levels in the hierarchy above the team members who are seeking certification. It is critical for the team’s direct manager to have the ability to coach the members through certification, and that requires a detailed understanding of the process.