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"The class was excellent, I feel that I have the tools to implement the strategies that were presented in this class.  The instructor was on par with professors that I had in business school (Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern).  He was effective in explaining the category management process in a way that I could clearly understand.  Excellent course, I would rank it up there with my favorite marketing classes from business school."

Paul Conley III, 3M Company

Business Insights 2

(Updated information coming soon - Business Insights 3.0)

Your data can be a gold mine. Learn how to find valuable nuggets of information.

Have you ever been in the middle of a presentation and felt that you were losing your audience? That your information wasn’t compelling? That you were retelling the same old story or failing to clearly identify a business-building opportunity? Join the club. Most of us have been there. More often than not, the problem arises from a failure to answer the key Business Management Questions™(BMQs®) accurately. You have relevant facts to present, but they get lost amid a pile of extraneous or superficial information. Or the facts are not used effectively to create a powerful and compelling story. Perhaps your presentation is simply too long or your visual aids are confusing. As a result, interest wanes. Eyes glaze over.

The good news is, the problem can be fixed. Delta Associates' two-day Business Insights 1 workshop will help you develop razor-sharp data-analysis skills, as well as the ability to communicate key business insights persuasively to your retail partners.

Be seen as a solution provider.

This workshop will change the way you and your sales and marketing organization are perceived — and for good reason. You’ll learn how to package and deliver complete and compelling solutions that are action-oriented and consistent with your customers’ goals and strategies. Customers will begin to rely on you to initiate and lead productive business discussions, and they will view you as a critical player in their business model.

Key learning components.

Our Business Insights 1 workshop is a comprehensive two-day learning experience in which you will:

  • Use our five-step process to build effective, cohesive, and persuasive selling stories in any business situation — for external or internal audiences.
  • Learn why customers buy and how decisions are made.
  • Develop Business Management Questions™(BMQs®) that provide a pathway for defining your data requirements.
  • Learn how to convert a BMQ® into mathematical equation.
  • Understand and apply analytic techniques to find the key Bleeders & Leaders®; products that are hemorrhaging money or that are performing extremely well — and present your findings in a compelling written and visual format.
  • Learn how to use Delta's Six-Pack® to write the most powerful business insight.
  • Learn the power of Position & Direction® when communicating Business Insights.
  • Create the most effective charts and graphs for presenting fact-based solutions. Also, learn what types of charting techniques to avoid. You will use Seven Rules for Creating Effective Visual Communications.
  • Learn how to write compelling business insights that prompt the audience to ask questions or take action. Learn the Eight Rules for Writing Effective Business Insights.
  • Learn to leave a Bread Crumb Trail® through your analytical process.
  • Come away with the ability to craft timely, concise, data-driven solutions that your customers will appreciate.

Who should attend?

This workshop is beneficial to CPG professionals who want to improve their data-analysis skills and learn to develop compelling presentations for internal or external audiences. Past attendees have included vice presidents of marketing and sales, directors, brand managers, category analysts, business analysts, category development managers, regional managers, account executives, sales representatives, and many others — even a few retailers. They’ve joined us from a wide variety of regional, national, and international corporations.

You can register for one of our public workshops online; or we can deliver this program in a private setting for a group of eight to 24 people. This private option allows you to customize course content according to your needs, minimize valuable time away from the office, and save money.