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"Course far exceeded my expectations!! Absolutely worth the time! I gained valuable skills that I can put to use right away. The time flew by as my attention was kept the entire time, the class could have kept going longer and I would have enjoyed it. I was challenged at all times and excited to learn all I did. Excellent value! My knowledge gained surpassed any costs..fantastic ROI!"

Brett Scott, SC Johnson

Business Insights 3 - (Updated information coming soon - Business Insights 3.0)

Take your analytical skills to the next level.

In our Business Insights 1 workshop, your team members learned how to analyze data, extract the “golden nuggets” of information, and then communicate powerful insights to your business partners. Now it’s time to step it up a notch.

In Business Insights 2, participants practice and reinforce their new skills and competencies until they become second nature. The workshop combines eight comprehensive case studies and extensive coaching to build each participant’s ability to confidently and quickly sift through raw data and extract compelling business insights.

Your team members will be able to execute to the desired expectations — not just in a workshop environment, but every day, on the job. The workshop includes:

  • An opening module that reviews and reinforces concepts and components from the introductory Business Insights 1 workshop.
  • Exercises that stress practice and coaching of the core analytical concepts involved in writing powerful stories containing keen business insights.
  • New methods and tools to help participants further develop their analytical skills and capabilities.
  • An emphasis on hands-on case studies that present real-world business challenges.
  • Who should attend?

    Participation in Business Insights 1is a prerequisite, as 80% of this workshop revolves around case studies that allow the participant to practice skills learned in the introductory workshop.