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"Excellent course - A must for any Wal-Mart supplier!  One of the best taught seminars that I have ever attended."

Randall Finchum, Memorex

Field Sales Power Selling

Is your sales team passive or powerful?

Imagine you’re a buyer and a salesperson makes the following statement:

“This new item is going to sell well for you.”

How would you react? Chances are, you wouldn’t find that claim very convincing. Where is the evidence to support it? Where are the facts? How can you be sure the salesperson is right?

What if you heard this instead?:

“The data indicate that consumers like Item A 52% more than Item B. And Item A will produce 47% more sales, with twice the profit.”

Much more convincing, right? That’s the difference between passive selling and power selling. Which brings up the next question: Have you listened to your field sales team’s presentations lately? Are they passive or powerful? Do the presentations offer vague opinions and seemingly arbitrary advice, or do they present concrete recommendations supported with facts?

Imagine the gains your organization would realize if all members of your field sales team upgraded their selling skills from passive selling to power selling. Delta Associates’ Field Sales Power Selling workshop can help your team make this powerful transformation. Participants will:

  • Acquire the math skills necessary to study available data and generate compelling facts for selling stories.
  • Use a scenario-based learning technique and role-playing exercises to improve communication skills.
  • Practice responding to all questions, comments, and objections appropriately and instinctively so that they become natural power sellers on the job.
Key learning components.
  • Learn to calculate percent change, percent difference, gross margin, share, days of supply, and other important metrics.
  • Learn to anticipate buyers’ Business Management Questions™ and to use the answers to define the opportunity and to position your power selling proposal as the best solution.
  • Learn to write a powerful, compelling, and fact-based business story.
  • Learn to sell the story using a persuasive power selling process.
  • Learn to overcome or minimize buyer objections.
Who should attend?

The Field Sales Power Selling workshop is designed for the field sales team — those individuals who “sell on their feet” to retail stores, independent retailers, and small chains or distributors, and is not intended for headquarters-based personnel or those who sell to large key accounts from an office.

We can deliver this program in a private setting for a group of eight to 16 people. This private option allows you to customize course content according to your needs, minimize valuable time away from the office, and save money.