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Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification

"The course was well balanced and took a unique approach into building a category management plan from start to finish.  Great for all levels of category management experience.   The instructors were the key to the class.  The category information is "out there in the marketplace" but the way it is presented in the class makes all the difference in the world and this was "BEST IN CLASS" for course, presentation and instructor knowledge."

Ashley Reed, Warner Lambert

Business Insight Gold Level

Become an MBA: master of business analysis.

The majority of Delta’s customers need to proceed no further than Bronze or Silver Certification, but for those who need or want to reach the highest level possible, we offer Gold Certification. Here, we create a customized program to teach each participant how to use the most advanced analytical techniques and statistical tools to develop comprehensive analysis and presentation of insights. This includes significant coaching and consulting in the building of Microsoft Access databases to meet particularly demanding business scenarios.