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Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification

"We have taken Delta’s training to the bank. Our 2nd quarter net income was up 8.2% versus year ago, and I attribute this to our category management efforts."

Steve Roath, Longs Drug Stores

Mastery of Selling Skills®Certification

Best-in-class account managers are masters at customer-centric selling. Are yours?

After your team members complete Delta’s Bronze Business Insight Certification program — and you witness a dramatic transformation in their capabilities — you may wonder what’s next. After all, building the story is only half the battle. It still has to be sold in a compelling manner to your customers. Does your team have the “soft skills” — selling, negotiating, and presenting — to get the job done? A recent Delta survey of buyers revealed that the overwhelming majority of account managers are lacking in these skills. These managers are, as one buyer put it, simply “cogs in the wheel,” with a wide range of shortcomings. Delta can make sure your team members don’t fall into this category.

Delta’s Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification program will “load the lips” of your salespeople, teaching them how to generate productive dialogue — with any customer under any circumstances. Participants will know how to ask valuable drill-down questions, listen actively, respond effectively, and lead strategic discussions that identify new opportunities and effective solutions. They will understand customer pain points and how to overcome objections by negotiating rather than conceding. They will develop formidable presentation skills. In short, they will become the kind of salespeople that your customers will value and appreciate.

This certification program follows a curriculum structure similar to the one your team experienced in Delta’s Bronze program — pre-assessment, workshops, homework, and final assessment. However, our instructors emphasize the use of role-playing, videotaping, and coaching in each of the workshops. The program’s highly structured curriculum includes:

  • Board pre-assessment
  • Selling Discussion Skills™ workshop
  • Advanced Negotiating Skills workshop
  • Advanced Presentation Skills workshop
  • Certification exam

Each workshop is followed by learning challenges and coaching.