Mastery of Selling Skills®

After you complete the Business Insights Black Belt Level 1 certification (or the Green Belt) program and you witness a dramatic transformation in your ability to analyze data, find the key insights and develop powerful fact-based stories – you may wonder what is next. After all, creating your script for your story is half the battle. It still must be sold in a compelling manner to your customers.

Delta’s Mastery of Selling Skills® changes your behavior in key aspects of the selling process – selling, negotiating (making trades) and your delivery style. Our content parallels other selling programs in many aspects and includes a key difference we believe to be superior: seamless transitions between selling and trading (negotiating).

Our program improves the overall selling process and develops customer-centric discussions that link discovered buyers’ needs to fact-based selling proposals that reduce the need to negotiate. If negotiation is required, we teach not to concede but to make trades. Selling and negotiation skills are not mutually exclusive – both use the same skills – and often a person will seamlessly transition between the two.

You have developed the storytelling with data now you have to sell it with sales and negotiation skills

This curriculum employs a variety of teaching methods to ingrain long-term change. Our differentiating points include

  • focusing on customer-centric selling
  • mirroring curriculum to the selling process
  • utilize a dialogue-patterning technique called “loading the lips”
  • applying tools learned in the Business Insights program like asking Business Management Questions™ (BMQs®) that drill-down to the root cause which leads to strategic discussions and improved results

Participants will understand and demonstrate a range of crucial skills including

  • identifying and determining the value of the tradables items
  • bundling trades
  • avoiding concessions and overcoming obstacles
  • recognizing, defending, and preventing buyer tactics
  • adapting communication techniques and language to meet specific situations and buyer styles
Mastery of Selling Skills® uses extensive role-playing and coaching to “load the lips” of your team – like actors practicing their lines until they are delivered naturally. This repetition builds “muscle memory” and cements participants’ confidence in the selling process. In other words, it truly changes their behavior.
sales training hear it see it role-play it

Key Skills:

  • Utilize BMQ® questioning techniques
  • Develop insight-based listening skills
  • Create stakeholder analysis
  • Analyze behavior style
  • Script dialogue
  • Create storyboard
  • Manage objections
  • Identify and determine value of tradables
  • Anticipate buyer tactics
  • Refine delivery techniques
  • Use fact-based insights to negate the need to negotiate

Applications & Tools

  • Scripted examples
  • Video examples
  • “Load the Lips” scripted templates
  • In-class completion of templates
  • Business Management Questions™ development around 4Ps
  • 15 videoed role-plays
  • 6-8 case-study exercises
  • Role-play team critique
  • Develop learning plan
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Mastery of selling skills learning path
Most courses are conducted as private client-specific sessions. Periodically a client will allow non-competing guests to join their learning journey.
selling discussion skills

Selling Discussion Skills teaches a selling process where participants will learn the Planning, Opening, Discovery, Proposal and Closing steps in the selling process. Key differentiating points include: developing strong questioning and listening skills that create a customer-centric dialogue and discover the real buyer needs, incorporating the buyer’s language as part of the sales and negotiation process, and using customer-centric business insight facts that strengthen the selling story.

Negotiating Tradables

Managing and Negotiating Tradables teaches the concept of collaboration and making trades — the ability to work with customers to reach solutions beneficial to both parties. Extensive research with our retailer clients shows that over 95% of negotiations end in a supplier concession. We change the paradigm from negotiation to making trades that result in win-win solutions that strengthen long-term business relationships without sacrificing short-term needs. Participants learn to avoid concessions, overcome buyer objections, and recognize and defend against standard buyer negotiation tactics no matter which style their buyer adopts.

Presentation skills

Delivering Your Story furthers your team’s skills at: bundling trades, applying financial implications to trades, handling different buyer tactics, and closing the sale. Participants sharpen presentation skills and enhance the way they are perceived. Your team becomes increasingly more confident in their ability to engage and persuade any audience, large or small, internal or external. Participants apply the tools they learned in the first two programs to a variety of case studies and have an opportunity to review their video role-plays and customize a personal development plan.

Final Assessment measures your team’s behavior change in a role-play demonstrating their mastery of selling discussion skills, managing & negotiating tradables, and actor-level delivery of the selling story presentation skills.