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"Definitely one of the best training classes I have been through.  Extremely relevant to the business & something that is actionable immediately.  An incredible learning opportunity that will immediately improve the way I am doing business."

Chris Herron, Diageo

Advanced Presentation Skills

Want to climb the ladder? Better make yourself presentable.

For better or worse, your ability to deliver effective and engaging presentations can have a major impact on your career. How do your skills stack up? Are you smooth and polished, full of confidence and credibility, or are you uncomfortable in front of a crowd? Do you come across as a leader, or as someone who simply wants to get it over with? Are your presentations exciting and memorable or mundane and forgettable?

If you feel that your presentation style could use some work, Delta Associates' two-day workshop is the ideal solution. Whether you typically present to groups inside your organization, to customers, or to other audiences, you will master the techniques needed to deliver clear, powerful presentations designed to inform, convince, and persuade. You will learn how to connect with your audience — one person or a thousand — and share your knowledge through compelling words and visuals.

Key learning components.

  • Learn to define the objective of your presentation and the message you wish to convey while targeting your audience’s interests and needs.
  • Learn how to use three critical elements of presentation planning — your objectives, your subject, and your audience.
  • Learn the techniques for establishing and maintaining eye contact. Understand its importance in fostering believability and trust.*
  • Master voice delivery and body energy. Harness anxiety and nervousness and convert them into positive energy. Learn techniques for vocal projection, clarity, and enunciation, and develop appropriate gestures to enhance what your audience sees and hears.*
  • Understand how to develop clear, concise, relevant visual aids. Learn when to use visuals and what types are appropriate for specific presentations. Benefit from visual do’s and don’t’s.
  • Discover how to engage and motivate your audience by asking specific questions, and learn how to handle difficult questions from your audience.*
  • Learn additional methods for holding audience attention, such as lid openers, analogies, transitions, and supporting material.
  • Practice and apply your new skills and knowledge in your final workshop presentation.

Who should attend?

Anyone who facilitates, speaks, presents, coaches, manages, leads, persuades, or motivates groups (internal or external) can benefit from this workshop. We offer this program in a private setting for a group of up to nine people.

* Denotes a video feedback session. A Delta training consultant will review your videotaped exercises one-on-one with you, personally guiding your progress step by step through your final presentation.