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Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification

"I felt like the content was applicable to our day-in-the-life; past courses through our internet web-based learning system did not provide sufficient detail for me & I felt that this course more than passed my expectations."

Kelli Bartholomew, Unilever

Selling Discussion Skills™ 

Your customers will be sold on the Delta difference.

The world of sales has changed drastically in recent years. Today’s buyers seek to align themselves with salespeople who can help them grow their business. These salespeople must be able to conduct an intelligent discussion about the buyer’s business — to engage in analysis, probe for clarity, and explain the reasons for, and potential impact of, every proposed solution.

Unfortunately, according to extensive retailer interviews conducted by Delta Associates, many salespeople simply don’t have the skills or the drive to meet buyers’ expectations. But we’ve created a workshop that employs a variety of teaching techniques to ensure that your team members will be effective and compelling salespeople on a long-term basis. That’s the Delta difference.

When your team members attend Delta’s Selling Discussion Skills™ workshop as part of our Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification program, they will build the skills necessary to excel in today’s business environment. Our workshop is designed specifically for CPG professionals, and the curriculum was shaped by extensive input from retail clients. As a result, our teaching methods address salesperson shortcomings. We stress customer-centric selling, with a unique curriculum that is organized to mirror the selling process so that participants can learn and demonstrate their proficiency along the way.

Key learning components.

Selling Discussion Process

Participants learn how to conduct a customer-centric discussion based on Delta’s five-step face-to-face discussion process.

Effective and Efficient Meeting Opening

The three-minute opening incorporates a personal greeting, reviews the meeting agenda, provides a quick business overview of key performance indicators (KPIs), closes the loop on recent events, and shifts to discovery.

Key Performance Indicators

The business overview uses three to five KPIs to provide a snapshot of the buyer’s business position and move you more quickly into selling mode.

Closing the Loop

This overview provides the buyer with the results of the last program — positive or negative — with follow-up and corrective action steps.

Lid Openers

A “lid opener” — such as a question about buyer interest in increasing profits in the forthcoming year — can open the buyer’s ears and increase listening levels.

Strategic BMQS®

Structured sequencing of Business Management Questions™ can frame the discussion topic, uncover deeper levels of understanding, and result in a concise summary of the buyer’s needs and interests.

Insight-based Listening™

Move beyond physical and active listening, and begin to understand the implications of the interaction and what the new discussion should entail.

Customer-centric Fact-based Solutions

Link your pre-planned PowerPoint proposal to the items you learned from the discovery discussion, and then create a new selling story that is the best fact-based solution to your buyer’s challenges.

The Four Selling Scenarios

Knowledge is discovered, directed, inquired, or shared, and your selling strategy will change in each of these scenarios.

Communication Styles

Learn to identify and manage controlling, avoiding, and accommodating styles of communication, and apply techniques to connect with buyers who use these styles.

Handling Objections

This no-concession method of managing objections uses the previously learned questioning skills to better understand your buyer’s position, needs, and interests, and to reposition your selling solution to meet the buyer’s unique requirements.

Insight-based Planning

This planning methodology starts with defining your selling objective and identifying your customer’s opportunities, then pre-planning your selling strategies, discussion dialogue, possible buyer objections, and negotiation points.

Who should attend?

Anyone who sells, presents, speaks, facilitates, coaches, manages, leads, persuades, or motivates groups (internal or external) can benefit from this workshop. We offer this program in a private setting for a group of up to 12 people.