Business Insights Certification Curriculum

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Gold Level

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Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification

"You have honestly showed me shortcuts and more effective ways to manage our business. I am so excited to go back and impress my buyer with all of the reports that we learned."

Amanda Nicholas, Nien Made

Training and certification solutions that meet your team's exact requirements.

At Delta Associates, our training workshops and certification programs are as varied as our clients’ needs.

Want to ensure that every member of your team has the ability to analyze mountains of data and clearly communicate the resulting insights as promising new opportunities? Our Business Insight Certification curriculum is the ideal solution. This program offers three levels of certification — Bronze, Silver, and Gold — designed to correspond with the behaviors and competencies senior management expects.

Need to strengthen your account managers’ “soft skills”— selling, negotiating, and presenting — so they can properly engage with customers and sell solutions in a compelling manner? Our Mastery of Selling Skills® Certification curriculum will “load the lips” of your salespeople, teaching them how to generate productive dialogue and patterns of discussion. (Please note that participants should attain Business Insight Bronze Certification prior to enrolling in the Mastery of Selling Skills® program.)

Delta also offers a variety of training workshops on an à la carte basis, including many of the individual courses within our certification curricula. Round that out with online category-management workshops and it’s clear that Delta is the leader in world-class training for CPG professionals.

At Delta, we recommend that every CPG professional attain Bronze Certification through our Business Insight Certification program. Subsequently, those participants who desire stronger analytical skills should proceed with Silver and even Gold Certification. Those in sales will benefit from a different path, through our Mastery of Selling Skills® certification program.