Online Courses

At your pace. On your schedule. For your career.

Delta Associates offers a variety of self-guided online courses designed to help members of the CPG industry increase knowledge and build valuable skills. Each course features an interactive exercise to reinforce understanding of key concepts.

Category Management Series

This series of courses leads you through the different components of category management as practiced by best-in-class organizations. Each course focuses on a particular aspect of category management, from fundamental to advanced concepts. These courses are designed for store-level employees all the way through experienced category managers, brand managers, and category-development managers.

Category-Specific Courses

These courses are designed to help you apply category-management concepts to a specific category, such as batteries. Two levels of courses are available: 1) Category-Specific Basic Courses, which provide a solid foundation of general knowledge for store-level associates or those new to a specific category and 2) Category-Specific Buyer/Account Manager Courses, which drill deeper into the category-management process as it applies to a specific category, making these courses ideal for buyers/category managers and account managers interested in expanding their category-specific knowledge.

“How to do Business With...” Training

Want to improve the chances of a successful meeting with your buyer? This series of courses helps suppliers/vendors understand how to do business with a specific wholesaler or retailer (such as Rite Aid) and speak the language that they use. Each course includes a review of policies, appropriate forms, and paperwork, allowing employees to achieve certification in the area, or areas, appropriate for each position.

“Prepare to Sell” Courses

Consumers are often frustrated by the complexity of decisions they face when purchasing from a category — but well-trained in-store associates can recommend solutions to meet their customers’ needs. These associates help retailers increase store loyalty and sales and improve the shopping experience. The Prepare To Sell series of courses provides category training and certification for retail associates in a variety of product categories, such as analgesics, cheese, smoking cessation, wine, and many others.