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Think of it as triage for your business.

As you sift through a mountain of data, can you quickly distinguish between those issues that need attention right away and those that can wait? It’s an important skill to possess. Fortunately, Delta Associates can train you to spot the Bleeders®, those red flags in your data that can help you set priorities. Addressing your most critical challenges first ensures that you will be as productive as possible and have an immediate impact on your business. 

However, it’s not just negative business situations that need to be addressed. Sometimes it pays to investigate positive developments, so you can determine which particular tactics are working effectively. These are the leaders. Learning from leaders — understanding why they are successful — helps you protect your gains and quite possibly begin to use the same tactics for Bleeders®. We believe it is important to look for Bleeders® first, and then identify your leaders.

The importance of performing analytical triage and spotting Bleeders & Leaders® is introduced in Delta Associates’ Business Insights 1 and is reinforced in subsequent workshops.