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Know how to develop - and answer - key questions.

Business Management Questions™ (BMQs®) are those routine, yet critical, types of questions that might be asked by a customer or your boss during a meeting or presentation. Or you might ask them of yourself in an effort to gain insight from data.

“How much has our margin increased this year?”

“How many points of share did we gain last quarter?”

“Did our market share grow as quickly this year as it did last year?”

However, just asking questions randomly will not help you discover the root cause of either a positive or a negative business situation. On the other hand, strategic BMQs® that follow Delta’s analytical process lead to critical thinking and discovery of key business insights.  The BMQ® hierarchy helps you analyze the business situation, identify the root cause, and formulate a sensible solution.

Unfortunately, many professionals lack the basic math skills to answer BMQs®. Most have a difficult time converting a BMQ® into a mathematical equation. And without solid math skills, it’s impossible to analyze a business situation and develop an effective and compelling business story. 

Delta Associates’ Business Math Boot Camp I helps participants sharpen basic math skills and gain the confidence to answer BMQs®.  Our other course expand upon and explore the BMQ® technique beyond the math to the strategic objective and determining root cause.