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Position & Direction®

View data in contect for a clearer picture of your business.

Assume that your price point on a particular product increased by twenty percent last year. By itself, that fact doesn’t tell you much. What is your price relative to the competition? About the same? Higher and widening the gap? Lower and slowly catching up? Looking at a different product, you see that your price is 7% higher than your nearest competitor’s price. Again, by itself, that fact leaves some unanswered questions. Has your price risen or fallen? And what about your competitor’s price? Is it up or down?

Knowing both position and direction—where a data point falls right now and where it is likely going next—gives you a clearer big-picture understanding of your business.  You’ll be able to identify trends more accurately and make predictions for the future. The importance of expressing data in terms of Position & Direction® is introduced in Delta Associates’ Fact-Based Solution Selling I and is reinforced in subsequent workshops.

Knowing position and direction allows for better decision-making.