What is Certification?

Thoughts on certification…

  1. What knowledge is being certified? Some organizations measure participants’ theoretical knowledge of process, definitions, and of WHAT they should do – basically their ability to recite book knowledge. Delta thinks differently – we believe in certifying that individuals actually know HOW to perform analyses and create fact-based stories that impact their business. We have measured 4,000+ CPG professionals’ skills at analyzing data and communicating their findings. The average score is 21%. Our training improves this competency by a factor of four.
  2. Certified curriculum or certified people? Some organizations certify that their training curriculum could prove valuable to participants. Even though someone goes through “certified” curriculum, it does not mean they can perform the skills. Instead, Delta believes in certifying the skills of individuals regardless of their training or experience.
  3. Why is Delta not part of a curriculum certification process? Since Delta believes in certifying individuals instead of curriculum, we do not plan to submit training materials to any third-party association for their “certification.” Third-party industry associations have a fiduciary duty to act independently and should refer members to the highest quality organizations, not those who paid a “certification” fee.
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