Power BI Partners

Delta specializes in changing people’s capabilities and behaviors with powerful training programs focused on developing individuals’ ability to interpret data to find and communicate the key stories. Some of our training programs teach the mechanical tools required to format and structure the data for proper interpretation. One of these programs is Power BI.

Power BI is an extremely robust tool and with proper implementation and usage will help drive better and faster business decisions. We learned that for our clients to achieve critical success they must do more than just train their team on a new tool. Successful organizations also engage the expertise of consultants to provide strategic and implementation advice. In addition, some consultants will help “quick start” the implementation program consulting on:

  • Data modeling
  • Data integration
  • Dashboard design
  • Dissemination

Delta does not specialize in these areas, so we have partnered with Power BI consultants that do. If you need expert guidance on your Power BI program, contact our partners.


Mike Carlo

Microsoft Power BI MVP & owner of PowerBI.tips

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