Mastery of Selling Skills - 2

"I will recommend the program for corporate training.”

- Steven Ball, Bayer Healthcare

"It teaches you good principles and processes which are applicable to real-world negotiating situations.”

- Shauna Luse, Georgia-Pacific

"Thanks! It was an enjoyable class - both facilitators were excellent, knowledgeable and provide great feedback during the role-plays.”

- Eileen Spencer, Quaker Oats

"The course was extremely insightful and beneficial."

- Tom Devney, Diageo

"The one on one experience was wonderful. The materials were second to none."

- Sherry Mason, Hartz Mountain Corp.

"The role-playing exercises were very useful. Also, the planning process will allow me to be more effective in negotiations.”

- Tim Bateman, Goodmark Foods

"This course provides a WEALTH of information to give sales people more information and be better.”

- Mari Hoppa, Georgia-Pacific

"This course was excellent. Very much worth the time away from the office."

- Andy Bantz, Supervalu

"This is one of the top two courses I have ever taken.”

- Jon Licht, Supervalu

"This was a great course! These skills can be used everyday, not only in the world of business."

- Faye Hammonds, Pfizer

"Very comfortable instructors. They put everyone at ease making us willing to participate.”

- Ann Stewart, Supervalu

"Very eye opening course!"

- Chris Davino, Beiersdorf

"Very good case studies - pertinent to the CPG industry. Good seminar, especially CPG focused.”

- John Scott, Beiersdorf

"Very hands on approach.”

- Rob Enfinger, Goodmark Foods

"Very impressive! This course follows our actual needs on the job.”

- Randy Allgire, Supervalu

"Will recommend to associates. Well done.”

- Brian Sankey, Georgia-Pacific

"You did a great job! Gaining a better understanding of the buyers world in the negotiation process and how to come to a win/win situation versus a win/lose was valuable.”

- Judy Hettling, 3M Company

"Unlike most negotiating seminars, this one focuses on an actual process to follow. It also is targeted at the consumer products industry and more specifically, category management.”

- Jerry Olson, Supervalu

"Excellent use of role plays. Active participation in triads was very effective. As with all new learning, making the changes to behavior will be difficult but this course gave us the tools, resources, and peer feedback that will make that journey easier.”

- Sharon Donnelly, Georgia-Pacific

"I truly value the insights into different negotiating styles, and the language needed to effectively maximize contact with them. Great comments from both facilitators - real world experience was great."

- Dorothy Parrish, Georgia-Pacific

"Identifying and learning the G.U.N.S.TM process and the planning process provided a format to guide the negotiation discussion and were very valuable. This workshop is well-organized and easy to follow.”

- Chris Ratto, Safeway

"Joe & Cynthia are truly experts - each providing their unique perspective from both sides of the table."

- Jason Welch, Warner Home Video

"The course does a terrific job of defining the collaborative relationship in selling and building the business process on an equity foundation based on the skills and efforts of all parties.”

- Mark Clark, Lil' Drug Store

"To understand when negotiating is really necessary and to adhere to the T.H.I.N.C. TM process were the most valuable aspects for me. This enabled me to work through issues systematically.”

- Evelyn Jennings, Georgia-Pacific

"The course was directed at my type of business and involved participants who were at the same levels. We had common jobs so all discussions were beneficial.”

- Cheryl Gherlone, Longs Drug Stores

"This was one of the most useful courses I have taken with Diageo...useful and enjoyable."

- Mike Murphy, Diageo

"An excellent negotiating class that is easy to follow and quick to actualize.”

- Randal Brown, 3M Company

"Best class I have attended. Great job. "

- John Baxter, Diageo

"Excellent course! Fully justifies the time away from the office.”

- Dan Novogrodsky, Supervalu

"Great course!! Exceeded my expectations and brought up concepts that are very useful."

- Lien Quec, Warner Home Video

"Great course. One of the more valuable training sessions in recent years."

- Eric Mullen, Diageo

"Great program, well facilitated and ideas reinforced. The sell through before negotiation is great. Presented very clearly."

- Kay Lang, 3M Company

"Helped me focus on my sales presentation side as well as negotiation - fantastic."

- Delcan Duggan, Diageo

"I am recommending that we use this as our negotiating course. Well thought out and presented.”

- John Leuck, 3M Company

"I have been through three other negotiating seminars and I still came away with things that I can use immediately.”

- Scott White, Supervalu

"I was happy to be in a situation where a class "over-delivered". This was great."

- Jennifer Norsworthy, Energizer Battery