Business Insights 1 - Bronze

"Great class - So worthwhile"

- PL, Chevron

"Great course, I would encourage everyone in the company to attend."

- JS, Heineken

"Great course.  It really shines the light on the things I didn't know or was intimated by."

- JS, Allergan

"Great job!  Wonderful class!

- RL, Michelin

"I can't wait to come back to another class with Delta!"

- JR, American Textile

"I have attended 4 courses from Delta.  I have not been disappointed in any of them."

- JN, Cooper Hand Tools

"I think the layering of knowledge, the percent of practice is appropriate."

- TD, Land O'Lakes

"The content was relevant, clearly explained, and very, very useful!  Great!  Covered the basics needed.  Really it was spectacular."

- SS, WM Barr

"This was a great class."

- JA, Heineken

"This class is a definite benefit and I would recommend to everyone. This course is a god-send to my math confidence."

- JB, Mission Foods

"Great class.  Great brush up on skills. I would tie Boot Camp with Fact-Based Solution Selling.  They are really related and the math brush up would be helpful prior to FB Selling"

- KT, Diageo

"Most beneficial class I have taken so far.  Instructor did an incredible job.  I learned way to much.  Excellent!!

- VB, Land O'Lakes

"Exactly what I wanted and needed.  Hope these skills keep me sharp."

- PO, Absolute

"Exceeded my expectations.  Well organized."

- AK, Land O'Lakes

"Extremely beneficial!  Made me realize my dependence on Excel!  Will use much of this in my "real-world" environment."

- SB, WM Barr

"Refresher was needed!"

- JR, Sony

"This was the best class I have ever taken!  I know now what I have been doing and it makes sense."

- AE, Chevron

"Another great class from Delta."

- MK, Allergan

"Class was great!  It met my needs and expectations.  I will start using today!"

- RD, Andersen Windows

"Definitely see potential to use with business analysts and young sales representatives."

- ML, Del Labs