Category Management School

"Great class.  Learned many new skills."

- Linda Smith, Tree of Life

"Great class.  Very valuable - loved it".

- John Hickman, Dannon

"Great course - surpassed my expectations!  I can't wait to apply the learnings."

- Tammy Strebe, Johnsonville Sausage

"Great course for any Category analyst, manager, key customer manager and buyer."

- Stan Banks, Energizer Battery

"Great course!  I would recommend this to every marketing and sales person in our organization - because category management impacts all sides of the business."

- Ed Knutel, Bacardi

"Great course!  It gave me a much more in depth understanding of how to utilize data to form conclusions and develop strategies."

- Ken Erickson, Tree of Life

"Great course!  Super way to deliver an expansive subject and put it into a 'real-world' scenario with a deliverable plan-of- action.”

- Chistopher Thigpen, Wyeth

"Great course, will definitely spread the word.  Made me look at things from other perspectives."

- Eric Harrison, Blue Rhino

"Great information and examples - it definitely is going to help me do my job more effectively.  It was great to have someone teach who had actually 'been in the trenches'."

- Carrie Williams, Philips Lighting

"Great job overall.  This is probably one of the most interesting, well delivered and effective courses I've ever taken."

- Chantal Lemire, 3M Company

"Great job!!  Gives you the key elements needed to write an effective yet executable category plan."

- Vidia Ramdeo-Woods, Bermusez Caribbean Biscuits

"Great volume of knowledge given during the course lectures.  I feel that the hands on work with computers and teams during the case study really gave me a stronger hold on the category management topics"

- Nicole Weidner, Sanford

"Great! Will recommend for others in company and industry to take ASAP."

- Delos Walton, Sunkist

"I believe co-workers need to take this course and vendors calling on my organization in order to create a uniform environment for Category Management to attain the greatest possible benefits."

- Mary McLaughlin, Schultz Sav-O Stores

"I enjoyed the intensity and challenges presented to our group.  The team exercise was very satisfying."

- Angelita Virola, Macco Adhessives

"I feel as though this course is very informative, easy to follow and implement into everyday work.  The instructor was 120% knowledgeable in this area and appeared to have extensive experience in this business."

- Stacey Meads, McCormick

"I feel like I can write a Category Management plan on my own now.  I know how to apply the information gathered and analyze the data to come up with a plan."

- Jan Jackson, Beiersdorf

"I felt that the teachers were very much speaking from experiences and because of this experience they were providing us with actionable and result oriented tools to better the category management process within our organizations.  Excellent learning - thank you!!"

- Mei-Li Teo, Bacardi-Martini

"I felt this course was extremely valuable and hope to be able to re-take again when I have more experience in my new role.  Will definitely be looking into other Delta courses to attend."

- Kimberly King, ACCO Brands

"I found that the situation analysis really helped sharpen my analytical skills.  Looking at the numbers more carefully in order to come up with relevant and actionable conclusions."

- Melanie Custodio, Del Monte

"I wanted to thank you for the Best Category Management training I have ever been through."

- Jackie Bustos, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"I was extremely impressed with Dave's knowledge of the retail industry as well as his category management experience.  I will definitely take more classes from Delta."

- Katherine McIntosh, Red Bull

"I was impressed with the use of examples from the different industries and countries presented in the class to help the audience relate or identify with what was being taught."

- Lisa Tremaine, Gillette

"I wish I had taken this course years ago...excellent, excellent, excellent and relevant to anyone who works in the retailer environment".

- David Nix, Andersen Windows

"Information presented was awesome, was new and created a lot of thoughts to move forward and apply to the Cookie & Cracker category."

- Damon Caton, Pepperidge Farm

"It was an outstanding experience due to the fact that many details were pin pointed, when before the course I could have passed them over.  You really learn how to dig in to the details and get the most out of the data."

- Ismat Yassin, Farmacias El Amal

"Loved it!  Thanks for putting together a complete learning opportunity!"

- Vesna Stojanovic, Masterfoods, USA

"One of the best Category Management courses I have taken because it wasn't all theory."

- Ramona Hass, Gillette

"One of the best instructors I have experienced.  Good pace, dynamic and very knowledgeable."

- Patricia Gomez, Sanford

"Opened my eyes to what true Category Management is all about - this needs to spread throughout our company."

- Kierstan Grunow, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Out of all trainings that I have attended in my career, Delta Associates training has been by far the most valuable training."

- Amy Clarke-Waldmiller, Goody

"Steve was absolutely incredible.  This is my second time with him and 3rd Delta class.  I learned too much (in a good way)."

- Vnay Bedi, Land O'Lakes

"Thank you for an exceptional course - truly best in class."

- Jonathan Bunten, Del Labs

"The ability to build a factual story/plan was the most valuable segment of the workshop.”

- Mary Lynn Brown, Keebler

"The best business course I have ever taken."

- Steve McBride, Tire Kingdom

"The class was excellent and very thorough.  Better than prior Category Management trainings offered by our organization"

- Jennifer Conetta, Cadbury Adams

"The course is excellent, it helped me to understand things that were not clear before and now I know that I can produce better work. "

- Sem Cortes, Pueblo International

"The course was a great excelled learning experience with practical tools that can be easily taken away used in a real life situation.  The hands on learning process made everything easier to understand and communicate back to other people."

- Beth Lasley, Del Labs

"The course was great!  I would definitely recommend this course to other co-workers."

- Jenny Niarchos, Wrigley

"The course/facilitators/exercises have significantly increased my overall knowledge of Category Management.  I now understand the importance of salespeople as well as category development people attending this course.  The overall quality of this course was excellent and more than met my expectations."

- Lisa Hiott, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"The instructor was excellent.  The expertise in the subject is evident.  You can tell there are several years of in-market experience behind the Delta team.  Actual examples of categories that they have worked with really helped drive the learning experience."

- Mercedes Diaz, Kellogg

"The main topic that helped the most was how to better posture strategic & tactical statements so they packed more punch".

- Steve Revetria, Longs Drug Stores

"This class is more actionable than other Category Management courses I have taken."

- Jennifer Barnes, Warner Lambert

"This course covered a lot of material that helped me better understand Category Management and gave me some valuable tools to take back and utilize in my company & my role within the company.  My entire team should attend this workshop."

- Becky Church, Revlon

"This course puts the entire category management process together to ensure both accountability and execution at retail."

- Jack Pounds, National Wine & Spirits

"This course was the absolute best possible use of my time for the last four days."

- Karen Watkins, L'Oreal

"This reinforced some of the things we have done and taught us how to make it stronger, especially when my meetings with the buyer are asked to be quick and more visual".

- Tanya Fette-Stewart, Nestle

"This was an exceptional course!  I truly learned more in this course than previous training classes."

- Christene Hilger, Fuji Film

"This was one of the best, if not the best, workshop I have ever attended."

- Don Riesenberg, Gillette

"This was the best Category Management training I have been to."

- Cherise Nickerson, Coty Inc.

"Very clear and upbeat presentations with a good explanation that included a lot of material external to the class."

- Robert Sassenrath, Buena Vista Home Entertainment

"Very detailed and coherent.  Both instructors were phenomenal."

- Chad Sprinkle, Coco-Cola

"Very good course, I learned much more than I thought I would.  Data analysis was the most useful segment because that is my everyday job and I learned quite a bit about it."

- Shane Buff, Supervalu

"Very good, because I can immediately apply what I learned in my position.  Instructors were excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic."

- Gregory Degnan, Bacardi

"Very much enjoyed the class and format - I will recommend!"

- Julie Adams, Crystal Farms

"Very professional content in theory and practice.  It is the must course for every category analyst whether at vendors or retail.  You help raise the bar of category management in the market (Domestic & International)."

- Name withheld, S

"Very relevant and well organized content and materials."

- Mark Halgunseth, Bacardi-Martini

"Very valuable course, I feel like I am walking away with practical skills I can apply to my job."

- Martina Rizzo, Graco

"Wow, really an advantage having the owner with a vested interest in brand quality, teaching the class.  This was not a 9-4 class like most training programs, but was focused on ensuring the class walked out with a new set of tools in their tool box.  Mission accomplished."

- Jon Crenshaw, SC Johnson

"Yes! I will be recommending to our Category Management team."

- Tony Caruso, UDV

"Yes! Very much so. I cannot begin to list or say how much I have learned."

- Mark Stewart, United Supermarkets

"Yes, because it is objective and can be applied across all categories and channels of trade."

- Kyle Weinsheim, Miller Brewing Co.

"Yes, great tool to understand the process. All Keebler Category Manager's should attend."

- Bill Ambs, Keebler

"Yes, I feel it is very important to understand and be able to implement a well designed category plan."

- Dan Black, Raley's

"Yes, I think this class would be beneficial for Account Executives."

- Gregg Risley, Southern Wine & Spirits

"Yes, to our entire sales force. Great seminar, very hands-on and executable. Exceeded initial expectations."

- Dori Ross, Gillette

"Yes, vendors need the opportunity to grow their skills so that they can be an asset and a reliable resource."

- Corey Okazaki, Longs Drug Stores

"Yes, very good hands-on program."

- Bruce Blincow, Coors Brewing

"Yes. Everyone is talking Category Management and no one likes to act like they do not know it. This class taught it."

- Scott Lubow, Quaker Oats

"Yes. Hands-on, the templates were helpful but the analysis side was awesome. Excellent class! Every aspect of Category Management and then some was highlighted. Next steps are to get our management team through this class to see how important and value added this information is to our business and our customers."

- Tina Muscara, UDV

"Yes. I definitely would recommend this workshop to my co-workers. The content was very applicable to many components of my job."

- Kelley Cochran, Smithkline Beecham

"Yes. This is one of the best seminars I've been to. The information is very useful to the business."

- Robert Beckett, Fort James

"Yes.  Very valuable as not only theory but opportunity to go through/develop/practice and apply.  Very hands-on where previous seminars are segmented and not much time spent in practicing and applying.  Overall seminar exceeded my expectations - was very thorough and very hands-on vs. other related seminars I've attended.  Gained a broader perspective of the retailers and consumer view of looking at things."

- , L'Oreal

"Yes... it covers the gamut in Category Management."

- Ed McEachen, Schering-Plough

"All syndicated data on-site managers should attend this course before stepping on the job with their clients "in the trenches" to avoid pushing a data source and instead learning how to listen and guide their tools to their partners category management efforts.  I wish I had taken this five years ago!  The financials for the product and shelf analysis were very useful - I had always 'used' them but never 'understood' them.  Well spent time.  We all think we know Category management when in fact it is only the individual pieces we know.  Delta puts the puzzle together in a dynamic and hands-on environment.”

- Bill Akins, Whitehall-Robins

"Best workshop I've ever been too.  What makes it especially different was the interaction between the group and instructor - most training classes are boring.  All of my expectations were met and then exceeded!  It was helpful to learn the entire process including all the 'nuts & bolts' behind Category Management.  The case study was the best part of the class.  It let us put all or our learning's to the test and brings textbook learning's to life.”

- Laurie Cereghino, Fort James

"Everyone thinks we’re doing Category Management, but after learning Delta’s approach, I realize we are not even close."

- Name withheld,

"One of the most relevant & informative trainings I have attended.  The instructor was better than almost all of my professors at Kellogg in terms of clarity, knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to hold my attention."

- Glenn Smith, 3M Company

"The class was excellent, I feel that I have the tools to implement the strategies that were presented in this class.  The instructor was on par with professors that I had in business school (Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern).  He was effective in explaining the category management process in a way that I could clearly understand.  Excellent course, I would rank it up there with my favorite marketing classes from business school."

- Paul Conley III, 3M Company

"The course was well balanced and took a unique approach into building a category management plan from start to finish.  Great for all levels of category management experience.   The instructors were the key to the class.  The category information is "out there in the marketplace" but the way it is presented in the class makes all the difference in the world and this was "BEST IN CLASS" for course, presentation and instructor knowledge."

- Ashley Reed, Warner Lambert

"The training program put on by Delta Associates was by far the best program I have been to. The most informative part was how to analyze the data and make the discoveries in order to develop solid strategic plans."

- Category Manager, Kroger

"This was the best Category Management training session that I have attended. The level of understanding of the theory and the practical use of the theory was great!   This should be a requirement of all analysts and brand managers.

- Brian Meyer, 3M Company

"We have taken Delta’s training to the bank. Our 2nd quarter net income was up 8.2% versus year ago, and I attribute this to our category management efforts."

- Steve Roath, Longs Drug Stores

"Although the days were long I know I learned more in this class than any other I have taken.  It actually tied-in past high level marketing classes I have taken.  It was extremely organized and logical.  You should be college professors!  Not only do you have superior Category Management knowledge you have the enthusiasm to keep students interested and excited."

- Katy O'Connor, Del Labs

"I have been to several category management training programs, but Delta’s training was the first to bridge the gap from theory to application."

- Merchandising Manager, Kroger

"The Category Management School is an excellent course.  An absolute must for all Assistant Category Managers and Category Managers."

- Martin Bennett, Longs Drug Stores

"The presentation of financial measures & teaching of their association with one another was invaluable.  Focus on the 4 P's to manage the levers affecting the financials closes the 'how to' with regards to fixing what is broken.  Great intellectual property to differentiate us from our competition.”

- Reg Yarbrough, Whitehall-Robins

"After 12 years in Category Management in one capacity or another, I still was challenged and learned more than I expected."

- Kathy Bergstrom, Universal Studios

"Delta's instructors know category management inside and out.  I highly recommend Delta's training and recommend account managers or any sales people to take the course to understand the importance of this process.  I appreciate your obvious enjoyment of teaching.  It is not often I take notice of an instructor enjoying the process and so committed to the process and it's importance in this industry."

- Chris Johnson, Crystal Farms

"Exactly what I was hoping for, I feel much more prepared to perform many of the tasks I will be doing everyday in my role.  One of the best workshops I have ever been through, would strongly recommend."

- Ryan Engstrom, Hewlett-Packard

"I felt the course was superb.  I would have been delighted to have had this training when I started as a Category Manager at Safeway."

- Christopher Para, McCormick

"I got so much out of this course- thank you all.  The most impactful take-away for me was ACTUAL METHODS of how to streamline information and get to what matters and then organize it.  The difference with your class was that you didn't just TALK ABOUT IT.  I felt engaged throughout the entire process.  I wish I had more time...I'm sure you hear that one all the time!!  I have a lot of faith in the instructors knowledge of the subject matter.  You guys are passionate about category management and make it fun."

- Kimberly Harbusch, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"This is the third Category Management course I have taken and finally I have a working knowledge of the process. This course by far provided the best training."

- Mary McLaughlin, Schultz Sav-O Stores

"You can go to the 'other guys' course and learn the theory or you can come here and learn how to apply it.  The instructors were interesting and engaging.  I really felt they were experts in this field.  They made what can be a dry topic interesting."

- Shawn Schiffer, Guinness Bass Import Co.

"At first I was concerned about spending 3 1/2 days for this class, but I now realize that all the time was necessary to fully understand and use the new information."

- Tom Ganley, American Licorice

"David is an excellent instructor and one of the best ones I have ever been trained by.  He knew so much about the topic at hand that it provides so much motivation for me to want to reach that level."

- Sherry Honeyman, Georgia-Pacific

"Definitely.  In the period of 1 week you are given the tools and knowledge to create an impactful plan.  Since Category Management is the future of business in the market - it provides you with the insight and correct processes to be competitive."

- Amy Martino, L'Oreal

"Excellent job!  Exceeded my expectations and can honestly say the best course I've taken in my 9 years at 3M"

- Heather Green, 3M Company

"I enjoyed this class.  This class taught me that I haven't been doing category management."

- Julie James, Clorox (formerly with Walmart

"I have attended a few other seminars that provided me with little to no help but this seminar started at the very beginning which helped to build the foundation and move up from there.  The group interaction gave options and new viewpoints while the hands on exercises forced me to work through concepts I didn’t understand."

- Jenna Leopold, Mead School & Office Products

"I learned to think in much greater detail, differently, and to be effective in communicating my points to the customer.  Thanks for a great week.  My skills have been greatly enhanced.  My accounts will never be the same again.”

- Fergie Theriault, Pennzoil/Quaker State Canada

"I think this course would be of benefit to our Key Account Managers. There is a specific need for those in front of the retailer daily to understand this process."

- Kelly Tallo, Frito-Lay, Inc.

"I was skeptical coming into this class, but I learned quickly that this class was going to be something that changed both the way that I look at my business and my career long term.  The tools that I have learned I will take with me and ecstatically share with others."

- Carrie Cobb, MeadWestvaco

"I'd recommend highly! All other seminars I've attended are theory. Now I understand the process. Thanks for a great learning experience."

- Tom Thurow, Kroger

"If only all courses were this helpful, interactive and beneficial, we the students would be able to apply our learning more to improving our business."

- Carol Taylor, Waterpik (formerly with Walmart)

"Most knowledgeable instructors I have ever had.  Instructors had a great balance of "facts" and "common sense" approach to material."

- Mike Murray, Sara Lee

"One of the most intense courses I have taken, but also one where I learned the most and was challenged a lot."

- Steve Janz, Universal Studios

"Overall, the course exceeded my expectations.  I believe I'm taking home what I came to get, and much, much more!!  I have current projects pending.   I am excited to apply my learning."

- Yolanda Trejo, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"The case study was an excellent example of what retailers expect from manufacturers with respect to category management.  The class met, actually exceeded, all my expectations!  Excellent class!"

- Leilani Dominguiz, Leiner Health Products

"The course was much more involved than expected.  Extremely eye opening to realize how much more there is to the process of Category Management.  One, if not the best delivered classes I have been to."

- Robin Kark, Beiersdorf

"The information presented is very actionable and will add value to Wrigley's as we 'engage' ourselves into collaborative business relationships with our major customers."

- Steve Brown, Wrigley

"The most valuable take-away from the program was how to transform the data into knowledge."

- Kelly Tallo, Frito-Lay, Inc.

"They made the learning fun & the real day to day customer examples were valuable to gain insight, especially in the Canadian retail environment.  I was surprised that they were quite knowledgeable about our company and about our Canadian customers."

- Rosabella Semana, Gillette

"This course finally addressed the needs of the Category Manager.  Showed that Category Management is not only systems and data but knowledge of material.  Extremely high value."

- Daryn Fox, Blue Rhino

"This course was incredibly comprehensive!  I learned so much in such a short period of time.  The skills I learned today will make me an asset in any organization that I work for.  Thanks for a terrific experience."

- Synthia Cunningham, Bri

"This was a true "Meat & Potatoes" seminar.   It focused on real world, processes and skills. Very well planned and presented. It was informative and fun."

- Roy Kylander, Gillette

"This was the best retail course I have attended.  The knowledge I received will definitely be used as part of my job."

- Roland Boivin, 3M Company

"This workshop is an excellent tool to expose an individual to all the main functions of Category Management.  Most people only emphasize 1 or 2 aspects of the process, this workshop pulls it all together into a cohesive whole.  I really liked the way the course pulled everything together.  Real world examples and correlation with FMI.”

- Mark Clark, Keebler

"To date I have participated in 3 Delta courses - this course was absolutely by far the most enjoyable.  I feel as though I can begin immediately using my new skills.  This course and Fact-Based Solution Selling combined will hopefully position me better in front of my competition."

- Mary Kasberg, American Licorice

"Worth every penny!  Liked the constant drilling on the 4P's, math equations and real-world perspective."

- Jennifer Rivers, Alliant Techsystems

"A lot of information in a small amount of time, but after having time to digest, it was definitely impactful and applicable knowledge."

- Brooke Snyder, McCormick

"Absolutely - it was invaluable for my use with all my accounts. I came in with minimal knowledge and now feel I have a fairly good understanding of how to proceed. The information was presented in a very logical and practical format. I really feel like I could go back to work and begin working on some projects in the categories in which I compete."

- Shelly Berg, Reckitt & Colman

"Absolutely! Great hands-on experience & application. Great course."

- Mary van Praag, Warner Lambert

"Absolutely, the class kept my attention, taught me new things, was well planned and executed."

- Brent Ehrlich, Eckard

"Again, I'm overly impressed.  This class never really 'let down', an awesome accomplishment over four days time.  It is a credit to each of you.  Thank you!"

- David Stay, Wyeth

"All I can say is 'if it's not broken, don't fix it'.  You guys do a great job of getting everyone involved.  Great examples and he store walk through helps to see things as a consumer."

- Poullette Bouret, Pueblo International

"As a 'rookie' and coming into this class with a little anxiety, I am leaving with probably more knowledge of the process of category management than most of my peers.  Thanks for the opportunity to grow my knowledge."

- Cheryl Pruitt, Nabisco

"Awesome course - will be valuable not only during formal category management review sessions, but during daily work on sales plans, promotional, price and assortment decisions, etc."

- Stephanie Stephan, Longs Drug Stores

"Awesome course!  I learned so much, it was very worthwhile.  Could not ask for a better professor/instructor."

- Lauren Scott, Macco Adhessives

"Best course I have experienced."

- Keith Campo, Beiersdorf

"Best course I have had in my time at Diageo."

- Tony Doyle, Diageo

"Blew me away - quality was great and forced me to think out of the box.  David is superb - fun, intelligent and enjoys teaching others and sharing learnings."

- Christine Souliere, Mead Johnson Nutritionals

"Both presenters know their stuff!  Enjoyed how course work was interspersed with real world examples to drive home key points. All aspects were as expected based on what I had heard from other past attendees."

- Mel Raymond, Del Monte

"Content was presented in a professional and exciting manner.  Step by step process was important."

- Dave Abate, Wakefern

"Course exceeded my expectations.  By far the best Cat. Mgt. training I've attended."

- Jose Sanchez, Allergan

"David & Cynthia you are class acts!  Your instruction methods are real life and made the 'process' easy to understand.  I would HIGHLY recommend this class.  The Category Management class was an exceptional learning experience.  It is practical, hands-on and highly informative."

- Cindy Sobolewski, Sherwin Williams

"David was fantastic, one of the best consultants I have come across.  His ability to marshal and guide the class is his key strength."

- Neel Premkumar, Wyeth

"Definitely provided much more than I had intended.  Excellent interactive format where you were encouraged to participate and learn from others."

- Eric Saunders, Macco Adhessives

"Even though I have been through several Category Management training courses and am familiar with the category used in the case study, I feel that the topics covered in this class were very beneficial.  I saw different approaches and ways of looking at the data.  This will enable me to be a more effective category partner.  Excellent class."

- Jennifer Harp, Fort James

"Even though this was the first Category Management class I have taken, I don't think I will find a better course.  I would definitely recommend anyone working in a cat. mgt. (retailer or manufacturer) to come through this course. "

- Jim Danielson, Del Labs

"Exceed my expectations!  Very well done by both instructors.  Great job!"

- Jennifer Vespole, Quick Chek Food Stores

"Exceeded my expectations.  Excellent - both instructors were very easily understandable and did not rush us to complete what you feel was needed for us to learn."

- June Connolly, Quick Chek Food Stores

"Excellent class, over exceeded my expectations."

- Marina Srejovic, ACCO Brands

"Excellent course - highly recommend.”

- Nikki Kleine, Beiersdorf

"Excellent course!  It was well presented & organized, the content was invaluable."

- Tom Windish, Excel Corporation

"Excellent.  Very well organized and presented in such a manner as to keep peoples attention and encourage participation."

- Doug Cross, Wyeth

"Extremely beneficial workshop!  Learning how to read and apply the data was very useful.  I learned a different point of view on how to look at a category.”

- Julie Mather, Nestle

"Extremely knowledgeable.  It was so nice to see a trainer understand, interpret, and present syndicated data with confidence.  It was probably the first time a trainer outside of IRI/ACN was able to give accurate information on that data that I've seen.  Coming from IRI, it was a relief to say the least.  Nice work!"

- Andrew Kohari, Beiersdorf

"Great class - I learned a lot over the 3 days."

- Bill Tencza, Quick Chek Food Stores