Business Insights 2 - Bronze

"Class was terrific and had some excellent "take-aways" that could be immediately applied when going back to the office."

- Kathy Sheldon, Seneca Foods

"Course was way above my expectations, especially with the fact that I had been a buyer and know what they are looking for."

- Erin Hockey, Diageo

"Dave found himself before a very energetic group of salesmen who find it a challenge to sit through meetings. Dave allowed for a fun yet directed discussion that kept everyone engaged. Dave clearly knows the material. I would like to send my two District Managers to this course.”

- Jim Whelan, Bacardi

"David always shares his learnings and experiences with the group.”

- Jennifer Conetta, Cadbury Adams

"David did an awesome job with the materials and presenting the information. Excellent course.”

- Jenny Niarchos, Wrigley

"Exceeded my expectations.”

- Ed Knutel, Bacardi

"Excellent class! The class was exceptional and opened new ideas/concepts for presenting data and how to quickly analyze facts.”

- Ronald Moore, Briggs & Stratton

"Excellent class! Very beneficial to my job.”

- Cindy Tomlin, 3M Company

"Excellent course, I learned more applicable information than many other course I've taken."

- Bruce Flantzer, CLA

"Fantastic course, I look forward to the next course level."

- Dan Myers, White Wave Foods

"Great class, will recommend it to all my colleagues."

- John Stertz, Bayer Healthcare

"Great class.  There is a lot of this course that I can apply to my job."

- Alexandra Medina, Bacardi

"Great class...exceeded expectations by far.  Invigorating."

- David Nix, Andersen Windows

"Great course for anyone working with data and putting together the 'selling story'".

- Name withheld, Large Beverage Co.

"Great course overall. Would recommend for any CDM or Account Manager."

- Stan Banks, Energizer Battery

"Great course with many good "nuggets" that will be integrated into our sales team back home."

- Sam Schein, The Bramton Co.

"Great course!  Looking forward to implement this in future presentations and meetings."

- Andrea Muldoon, Continental Mill

"Great course!  Material was organized in a manner that was clear and concise.  "

- Eric Ewing, Shering-Plough

"Great course.  Anyone that creates graphs needs to take this course."

- Matt Bohnert, Warren Distribution

"Great course; was helpful and will be able to reapply in my everyday work."

- Balazs Nemeth, Procter & Gamble

"Great mix of presentation and hands-on activity."

- Brad Graves, 3M Company

"Hopefully Sunkist will commit to more Delta training in the future. "

- Scott Ross, Sunkist

"I felt the quality of the course was exceptional."

- Rebecca Abbatiello, Novartis

"I look forward to taking more courses with you in the future and will highly recommend this course to my peers. "

- Karen Runstedler, Sherwin Williams

"I received so much from this class that can apply to my job in all of my presentations. The case studies were very useful.”

- Christopher Ryley, Del Labs

"I thought this course was extremely useful and needed for my position.  I feel this course should be mandatory for marketing as well as sales."

- Jim Pellicane, Bosch

"I would highly recommend.  Very professional, nice blend of refresher type materials and more challenging material to keep audience interested."

- Jerry Staiger, The Scotts Company

"Impressed with instructor's broad knowledge of the subject."

- Ge Sun, Procter & Gamble

"Lots of great tips & techniques.  Gave me new perspectives in how to look at the business. I will highly recommend this for our BDM's and anyone who looks at sales numbers on a regular basis."

- David Zwaaf, Mission Foods

"Once again I have been taught to look at my data differently and see through just increases and decreases."

- Betsy Cowan, Master Lock

"One of the best courses I have taken."

- Ron Dansk, Diageo

"Outstanding course for all Sales and Marketing professionals regardless of experience."

- Dirk Drieberg, BIC

"The class was very informative and taught information that can be immediately applied.”

- Kelly Roses, Georgia-Pacific

"The class was very useful and I will be able to utilize in my new position. Dave was great and very knowledgeable.”

- Rebecca Sosa, Bacardi

"The course exceeded my expectations by 3.5 times.  Great job!."

- Scott Smith, Hormel

"The course exceeded my expectations!  Best training I have ever attended."

- Sherry Edwards, BIC

"The knowledge gained in this course will be extremely valuable in my work.”

- Jessica Williams, Revlon

"The materials are exactly what I was looking for since I am only 3 years into the CPG industry."

- David Feldmaier, FIJI Water

"This class will help in the way I present data to my customers.  I have a greater understanding of the math and what the customer would like to see. "

- Angi Elkins, Chevron

"This course exceeded my expectations.  The material presented was valuable and useful in my everyday work activities."

- Kristin Sagun, Newell Rubbermaid

"This course exceeded my expectations.  Very useful information and tactics."

- Bryan Chapman, VF Jeanswear

"This course has exceeded my expectations - the exercises were very insightful."

- Laura Meyer, Johnsonville Sausage

"This course helped me tremendously to build presentations for my customers.  I can't wait to put my next sales presentation together.”

- Mike Turner, Bacardi

"This course was very beneficial and will help make me more effective when developing presentations."

- Meghan Kuhn, Newell Rubbermaid

"This is the best training class that I have attended since working for Bosch. "

- Jerry Burket, Bosch

"Very applicable to my current responsibilities - will be able to use these skills immediately.  I noticed an obvious improvement."

- Angela Preston, The Scotts Company

"Very Good - I would recommend to co-workers."

- Michael Guanella, Hormel

"You guys have fun which is GREAT. A big part of keeping it real - nice job.”

- Joseph Andreo, Land O'Lakes

Most useful topics: "Selecting the most effective chart to present the data and the concept of 'reading charts' vs looking through excessive data for nuggets"

- Eileen McKain, Procter & Gamble

"Course was detailed, challenging, and thought provoking.  I wish I had taken this course before moving to National Accounts.  The best training instructor I have had over my 12 years with Bosch."

- Jamie Sylvia, Bosch

"Definitely one of the best training classes I have been through.  Extremely relevant to the business & something that is actionable immediately.  An incredible learning opportunity that will immediately improve the way I am doing business."

- Chris Herron, Diageo

"Highly recommended not only for Sales Professionals but for marketing people as well. This course helps create concise, targeted, value producing information, as opposed to data & information overload.”

- Dennis Serbu, Snyder's of Hanover

"The course material was very forward thinking.  It pushed me mentally and forced me to absorb the data.  I loved the challenge the material gave and the learning I received.  WOW!  The learning I got will benefit me for years to come."

- Waylon Walburn, Kimberly-Clark

"The course was instrumental in helping to generate the current weekly presentations and has been used as a best practice across the organization. One of the best courses I have taken & has been invaluable in my career so far."

- Chris Wainscott, VF Jeanswear

"This is one of the first training classes I have taken that I will be able to go back and apply immediately.  The real world examples was extremely helpful & easy to relate to.  I would highly recommend this class to my co-workers."

- Beth Kowalczik, Newell Rubbermaid

"Great material...the before and after look at my analysis really brought it home!  I was pretty confident in what I was doing before, but had no idea I had this much room to grow, and in only 2 days."

- Emily Brumm, Procter & Gamble

"I am now competent as a sales person to create my own data interpretations and do not need to rely on my Category Management Department. Great presenter!”

- Gavin Hendricks, Wrigley

"I'm going back to work with an arsenal of new strategies to apply to my presentations making them more hard hitting, quantifiable, clear & concise with statements that will get the attention of my different audiences. Great class!!”

- Beth Lasley, Del Labs

"Once again you made me a smarter more intelligent category manager. David has the charisma and energy to get the attention of everyone in the room. He makes category management of CPG companies fun and exciting. Everything that is taught is extremely detailed, analytical and 'real-world'. This workshop was invaluable to me and I am happy to bring back all this fabulous material. No other training class has had such an impact. ”

- Katy O'Connor, Del Labs

"Thanks for the great learning experience this week.  I found your Fact-Based Solution Selling course to be thought provoking, valuable and exceeded my expectations.  Your training will be employed here from this week forward.  The rest of my team will be enrolling in Fact-Based soon."

- Eric Hansen, Johnsonville Sausage

"This class was 5x's better than any other analytical course I have ever attended!”

- Linda Coleman, Revlon

"This course was more than I could have ever imagined. The information I am taking from this class has exceeded my expectations 100%. I would recommend this class to anyone. David was the best trainer I have ever had. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about EVERYTHING, he presented his ideas in a way that was easy to understand.”

- Sherry Honeyman, Georgia-Pacific

"This was exactly what I needed to take my presentations to the next level.  Wish I would have taken this last year.  Will definitely recommend to others."

- Shonna Mansfield, American Licorice

"This was the best class I've taken so far in my 6 years at Mattel.  Should be a requirement for all of sales and execs."

- Manal McGrath, Mattel

"Course was very relevant to my business and will benefit me immediately. David is very well versed on the retail business, both manufacturer and retailers.”

- Ed Holtz, 3M Company

"I feel that this class was extremely effective in making me re-evaluate the way I communicate data analysis to the retailer."

- Heather Kazmi, Kimberly-Clark

"This course offered many different ways to look at data plus how to present it in a meaningful, impactful way that our accounts will benefit from."

- Jim Upton, BIC

"This course was a lot more in-depth and hands on than I expected it to be, which is fantastic.  I learned a lot of information and I am looking forward to taking more classes.  I love that you use real data & real examples, it is a lot easier to learn that way."

- Tracey Swann, American Textile

"This course will increase the effectiveness of my sales presentations more than any class in my MBA curriculum from Case Western Reserve University."

- Abe Schlott, Warren Distribution

"This was an outstanding course.  It certainly provided me with tools I can use with distributors and retail.  I also feel like this course will put DGUSA participants miles ahead of the competition."

- Mark Shuff, Diageo

"This was one of the best analytical classes I have taken.  I wish I had put my previous team through it."

- Larry Gray, Heineken

"Very good class.  Really made us think and forced everyone to leave with an understanding of the tools."

- hJennifer Wilczynski, Newell Rubbermaid

"Excited about applying what I have learned in this course.  This will allow me to communicate and influence more effectively through presentations."

- Curtis Horak, Diageo

"This course really opened my eyes to see new ways of evaluating/interpreting the same data I've been using for years.  The opportunities to discuss the case studies as teams let me learn from others."

- Nancy Wu, FIJI Water

"This was an excellent course with useful information that I can use immediately in my business to maximize opportunities."

- Sandra Harrison, Alcon Laboratories

"As a finance person starting a new career in the category management or sales analysis arena, this course taught me how to read, view, present and analyze #'s and data information in a complete and efficient way.  This class was simply amazing.

- Juan Hudson, FIJI Water

"Best class - category management related - I have ever taken."

- Frank DiLorenzo, Bacardi

"Course exceeded all my expectations. The material was very clear and easy to understand & Dave was incredibly knowledgeable and could draw on a large range of actual/real examples which brought relevance to the material.”

- Stephanie Delaney, McCain

"I feel like I have learned as much in two days, as I did in a complete semester of a course in college.”

- James Ellington, Del Labs

"I really enjoyed the course and learned many valuable tools that I can implement immediately in my day to day activities.”

- Ryan Krantz, Alliant Techsystems

"It's a great course!  Had me thinking (and shuddering) about all the changes I'd have to make when I get back."

- Colleen D'Souza, Johnsonville Sausage

"Most applicable course taken/offered by Diageo.  Will be able to improve my skill set and add value to my retailers."

- Marny Loftus, Diageo

"Much harder, much more thinking, much BETTER than I expected.  Very good. "

- Scott Skief, Energizer Battery

"One of the most relevant classes I've ever taken.  Applicable immediately."

- Merci Lim, Mattel

"Outstanding course - will recommend participation to my team and peers."

- John Carney, Kimberly-Clark

"Overall my experience with Fact-Based Solution Selling was rewarding & enjoyable.  I walked away with principles and methodology that I will apply to my presentation decks."

- Dana Taylor-Hart, Hormel

"The course was eye opening. I would recommend this course to all sales organizations.”

- Kristin Tweeddale, Del Labs

"The course was eye-opening and relevant.  Time allotted was appropriate and all modules covered were on schedule.  Incredible value.  10X the value of other courses!!."

- Steve Cox, Bell-Carter Foods

"This class was very insightful and opened my eyes to so many improvements I can make in my job as a category management analyst."

- Monica Mackey, Hormel

"This course exceeded my expectations and I look forward to putting some of these skills to work when I return back to work."

- Mike Walburn, Sherwin Williams

"This course was 2x better than the rest of courses I have taken and required only 2/3rds the time."

- David Traughber, Mattel

"This course was by far the most beneficial I have taken in regards to selling and presentation."

- Troy Boone, American Textile

"This was the best training class I've taken!  Extremely helpful."

- Cindy Crean, Diageo

"All my expectations were exceeded and learning everything was very enjoyable."

- Peter Cook, MeadWestvaco

"Awesome class - very applicable to the DM role."

- Una Colohan, Diageo

"Awesome command of topic & class. Kept material interesting and understandable. I want another session in 3 to 6 months.”

- Kris Ludwikoski, Briggs & Stratton

"Best course I have taken."

- Tina Bongelli, BIC

"Case studies forced me to think about the business in more ways than I have in the past.”

- Jeff Massa, 3M Company

"Class was great.  I got a lot of tips that I will take back and apply.  I thought it was very beneficial."

- Kelly Stamps, Black & Decker