Mastery of Selling Skills - 3

"I am walking away with more knowledge of myself and how I present than I expected."

- Linda Ziegler, Longs Drug Stores

"I took away an improved knowledge for Presentation Skills that I did not know I could do. Great job!"

- Jerry Hays, Longs Drug Stores

"I was able to identify weaknesses in my presentation skills and improve upon my strengths. I will recommend this seminar to the Gillette Training Department."

- Donna Simonson, Gillette

"Loved this seminar."

- Jim Santa, Longs Drug Stores

"No matter what level a speaker you are, you'll get better!"

- Kyle Price, Becton-Dickinson

"Outstanding seminar. I found the quality and organization of the material to be excellent"

- Luis Martinez, Lifescan (J&J)

"The course was very informative! I learned many new concepts."

- Sue Drees, Energizer Battery

"This was a great course that should be mandatory for all sales people!"

- Kristin Akin, Energizer Battery

"This was probably the best training class I've had so far in my career."

- Madeleine Leiby, McNeil Consumer Products

"Well thought out and presented. Moved at a good pace. Actually, doing the number of presentations we did over 2 days was the key."

- Pat Takahashi, Safeway

"Eye opener - all in Energizer need this. Video tape was very useful to see. Participation brings it to life."

- , Energizer Battery

"It was a very helpful course to see what I needed to work on. I wish we had done this earlier in my career."

- Brian Green, Energizer Battery

"The course helped me a great deal. The difference from my first presentation to the last was significant."

- Todd Wineland, Energizer Battery

"The hands on approach that Delta uses incorporates multiple learning techniques with a sensitivity to each participants strengths or weakness. Once again, I am leaving a Delta course invigorated and excited because I really learned something. Excellent ability to help the participants understand the concepts that are being taught."

- Mari Hoppa, Georgia-Pacific

"The video camera was huge and the follow-up coaching was effective. I can't wait to bring this workshop to our team - It's been a major wake up call on how really good presentations are conducted."

- Tina Muscara, United Distillers and Vintners

"This was a great course! I will be a much better presenter as a result. I will be incorporating a lot of the learning into my upcoming presentation."

- Samantha Key, Energizer Battery

"The most valuable aspects were the concentration of eye contact, cleaning visuals and transitioning, and learning do's and don'ts of visual aids."

- Linda Matthews, Nabisco

"Entire course was useful and should be mandatory for all personnel."

- Jeff Stoll, Energizer Battery

"Great of the best."

- Mike Sheeder, Energizer Battery

"Great course. One of the best ever."

- Kerry Heersser, Energizer Battery

"Great takeaways. I will be able to use throughout the rest of my career."

- , Energizer Battery